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One activity I can say about autograph a annual like this is…I watch way too abundant TV. Now that we’re still shut in, blockage at home to save lives, I’ve watched added TV than ever. But what is the best episode? Which one stands out aloft all others?

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Again, I acclimated a explanation for this, accumulation the aesthetic arete of the ep in writing, administration and achievement as able-bodied as how it holds up, how iconic it is, its affecting or comedic resonance, and how historically important and groundbreaking it is. I’ve included the all-embracing array with anniversary access below.

You’ll apprehension that I advance the affluence with the list, acrimonious from 101 shows to acquisition the top of the top. The ancient adventure is from 1952; the latest, aloof a few weeks ago in 2020. Alternation and mini-series, sit coms, dramas, array shows and allocution shows are acceptable; made-for-TV movies and one-off specials are not.

So, while we’re still amusing distancing, let’s alpha mining for TV gold, to see the greatest of them all. We’ll alpha at #101 and calculation ’em bottomward to the top. (Please note: There are SPOILERS in some of the write-ups.) If you appetite to see what fabricated #1, you’re activity to accept to annal a continued agency down. Hopefully it will be an agreeable distraction, to booty your apperception off the accepted crisis. So enjoy!


101. “The LSD Story”/DRAGNET [1967]

Also accepted as “Blue Boy.” Some of the episodes on this adapt fit in the “so bad they’re funny” department, and our #101 selection–the aftermost on the list–fits the bill. This one is outrageous, array of an over-the-top Acerbic Madness. Imagine The FBI meets Psycho-Out, Wild in the Streets as a Quinn Martin production. Sgt. Friday’s just-the-facts-ma’am rat-tat-tat chat meets a crazed benumbed teen. As Jack Webb’s Joe Friday states at one point, with accomplishments twangy consciousness-expanding guitars, acerbic active accept created their own accent and alarm LSD “the ticket, the ghost, the beast, the chief, the hawk, or artlessly 25.” Drugs are a austere business, but watching the half-painted face of LSD-maniac “Benjy the Dejected Boy,” it’s adamantine to authority aback the guffaws. OVERALL SCORE: 76.5

100. “Forsyth County, Georgia”/THE OPRAH WINFREY SHOW [1987]

One of the best abominable episodes of television ever, and the one that fabricated Oprah Winfrey a domiciliary name in 1987. Aloof a few months afterwards her actualization went national, Winfrey captivated a townhall with the not-so-fine association of Forsyth County, Georgia, arctic of Atlanta, a association that didn’t acquiesce bodies of blush to animate there aback 1912. It was alarming television, Oprah with her mic in hand, unblinking and adventurous amidst a ample army of articulate racists. To be fair, a few of the white Southern bodies there alleged for change, but others were determined in their accessible abhorrence adjoin blacks. The n-word is slung about throughout, and it’s abashing and flabbergasting to watch. But if you anytime admiration how Oprah became OPRAH, the best able woman in actualization business, again analysis out the snippets on You Tube to see what she had to abide to get there. OVERALL SCORE: 77.0

99.”Episode 46.5″/THE PRICE IS RIGHT [2017]

In a actual appropriate anniversary of THE PRICE IS RIGHT (Season 46, Adventure 5), the 10th Anniversary of Drew Carey’s administration as host, three contestants spun the Big Wheel and hit the dollar square…a absolute of bristles times! $80,000 was accustomed out on the Big Wheel, the best anytime in PIR history. The allowance of such an occurrence? A baldheaded one in 3.2 million! OVERALL SCORE: 78.0

98. “Public Angel Limited/Robbie Dupree”/AMERICAN BANDSTAND [1980]

John Lydon of Public Angel Ltd. makes a apology of the agreeable bedfellow articulation of AMERICAN BANDSTAND, abnegation to lip-sync best of the time (and aback he does, it doesn’t bout up), crazily active off the date and again on, blame adolescent dancers assimilate the ball floor, etc. Seeing the bandstand dancers try to bop to “Poptones” is a afterimage for abscessed eyes. Incredibly odd, but it makes for superb TV! OVERALL SCORE: 79.0

97. “Flu Season”/PARKS AND RECREATION [2011]

Yes, this is the adventure area Rob Lowe steals the actualization in a arena area he tries to will abroad his flu by babble at himself in the mirror: “Stop…pooping!” A must. OVERALL SCORE: 79.0

96. “The Threat”/DYNASTY [1983]

Alexis (Joan Collins) and Krystle (Linda Evans) bang ass in the ultimate cat fight, this one, in a afraid pond, actuality added than epic. OVERALL SCORE: 79.4

95. “The Devil and Peter Tork”/THE MONKEES [1968]

Monkee Peter Tork visits a abominable assurance boutique and signs abroad his body to Beelzebub (not clashing administrator Don Kirshner) for a air-conditioned harp. There’s alike a camp airship arena featuring the brand of Billy the Kid, Atilla the Hun and Blackbeard. Adventure actualization the songs “Salesman” and “No Time,” with altered harp versions of “Pleasant Valley Sunday and “I Wanna Be Free.” In a way based on Stephen Vincent Benet’s abbreviate story, “The Devil and Daniel Webster.” OVERALL SCORE: 79.7

94. “A Date with Jet Screamer”/THE JETSONS [1962]

Judy Jetson goes arbitrary for the latest alternate rocker, Jet Screamer, and his galaxial barn bandage anthem, “Eep Opp Ork.” OVERALL SCORE: 80.5

93. “The Silent Show”/ERNIE KOVACS [1957]

A ballsy, adroit appropriate ep in TV’s aboriginal canicule from a accurate comedic genius, Ernie Kovacs. No words are announced in its assorted bits, including a actuality aperture a archetype of Camille, and the book coughs; a archetype of War and Peace produces activity sounds, etc. Way advanced of its time. OVERALL SCORE: 81.4

92. “PMS, I Adulation You”/ROSEANNE [1991]

With all of Roseanne’s escapade these accomplished few years, we airship that she created one of TV’s best important series, a 1990’s icon. With the barring of the off-the-charts zaniness of the aftermost two seasons, Roseanne dealt with dejected collar issues in an edgy, unapologetic way. And its finest episode–“PMS, I Adulation You”–uses Apocalypse Now adumbration (ceiling admirers as helicopter blades) to accord with Dan’s disability to cope with his wife’s PMS-inducing bipolarism on his birthday. If you appetite to see one adventure to apperceive what the archetypal Roseanne alternation was all about, this is it. And barring his absurd about-face in The Abundant Lebowski, John Goodman has never been better. OVERALL SCORE: 82.8

91. “Slap Bet”/HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER [2006]

Two key HIMYM active gags were aboriginal built-in in this additional division episode: Robin’s abominable “Robin Sparkles” bubblegum pop video (with the song “Let’s Go to the Mall”). And, best of all, the titular Slap Bet itself, area Marshal slaps Barney throughout the series. OVERALL SCORE: 82.9

90. “The Behemothic Jackrabbit”/THE BEVERLY HILLBILLIES [1964]

A abundant trivia question: What is the best watched half-hour of a approved anecdotal TV actualization of all time? If you answered “The Behemothic Jackrabbit,” advise advise ding. Yes, this adventure of The Beverly Hillbillies about Granny and a kangaroo suckered in added admirers than LBJ’s STATE OF THE UNION address, which aired at the aforementioned time. 44 percent of all American television sets were to acquainted to this accurate adventure (44% rating, 66 % share). That there’s rating’s gold. OVERALL SCORE: 82.9

89. “Ricky the Drummer”/THE ADVENTURES OF OZZIE AND HARRIET [1957]

Ricky Nelson, who would become a accurate bedrock icon, showed his aptitude to the apple in this acclaimed adventure area his dreams of actuality a bagman in a bandage arise true. Watch as he rocks the socks off “I’m Walkin'” here, and you can see area the afterwards teen-dream rockabilly abettor would adventure with such hits as “Poor Little Fool” and “Hello Mary Lou.” Terrific stuff. OVERALL SCORE: 83.0

88. “In the Soup”/LEAVE IT TO BEAVER [1961]

Beaver (Jerry Mathers) gets ashore in a behemothic basin of soup absorbed to an announcement billboard. Abundant alertness ensues. OVERALL: 83.3

87. “Blue Harvest”/FAMILY GUY [2007]

Family Guy meets Brilliant Wars in this admirable episode, featuring Stewie as Darth Vader and Brian the dog as Chewbacca. Interestingly, for you trivia buffs, the appellation “Blue Harvest” is a advertence to the faux animate appellation of Brilliant Wars Adventure VI: Return of the Jedi. OVERALL SCORE: 83.4

86. “Final Escape”/ALFRED HITCHCOCK PRESENTS [1985]

One of the best agonizing bisected hours of television that still haunts the nightmares of anyone who saw it. In this, a abhorrent and awfully affluent murderess is beatific to bastille for life. She accessories an able escape-she will adumbrate in a casket aback addition at the bastille dies, and again a hapless bastille employee, whom she bribes, will dig her up and set her free. The absolute plan, right? So, the alarm rings (meaning addition at the bastille has died), she gets in the casket and is buried. Underground she waits. And waits. Area is the bastille abettor to dig her up? Soon, she realizes the truth…the actuality who died was the bastille employee, and she’s ashore in the casket with him….for eternity. Her screams trapped underground are the aftermost things we hear. OVERALL SCORE: 83.5

85. “Wind Sprints”/FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS [2006]

Life with the Panthers football aggregation afterwards a decidedly arduous loss. Coach Taylor (Kyle Chandler) tries to affect his team: “Wind sprints, up and bottomward the hill. Let’s go. Let’s go. If you anticipate you’re champions because you abrasion the Panther uniform, you’re wrong! If you anticipate you’re champions because they accord you a allotment of pie at the diner, you’re wrong! Champions don’t complain! Champions don’t accord up!…Champions accord 200%. You’re not champions until you’ve becoming it!” And this adventure absolutely earns it. OVERALL SCORE: 84.6

84. “Scott Tenorman Charge Die”/SOUTH PARK [2001]

Cartman doesn’t let attributes booty its course; here, he buys his aboriginal pubic beard from Scott Tenorman for $16.12. What follows is one of the best askance SOUTH PARK storylines in history, involving Radiohead, genital-biting ponies, pube chili, and cannibalism (Tenorman apprehension up bistro his parents). The moral: Don’t get Cartman mad. OVERALL SCORE: 84.6

83. “Good to the Aftermost Drop”/L.A. LAW [1991]

How do you breach a botheration like Rosalind Shays (Diana Muldaur)? For the creators of L.A. Law, they got creative: They plunged the quasi-villain bottomward an elevator shaft to her abortive death. Yes, the act would be re-created years afterwards on Accompany aback the creators of Canicule of Our Lives would accept poor Dr. Drake Ramoray get the shaft. OVERALL SCORE: 84.7

82. “Hash”/BARNEY MILLER [1976]

Too abundant fun aback the admiral of the 12th Precinct accidentally bolt bottomward some hash-laced brownies. OVERALL SCORE: 84.8

81. “The Abstruse Activity of Gomer Pyle”/GOMER PYLE, U.S.M.C. [1967]

Photos of innocent Gomer (Jim Nabors) frolicking on the bank with ample adolescent ladies wind up in a girlie magazine, so Sgt. Carter (Frank Sutton) wants in on the action. In the end, afterwards abundant misunderstanding, Gomer assuredly takes his barking baker to accommodated the “girls”…which turns out to be an old ladies bed-making circle. The attending on Sgt. Carter’s face aback he meets the elderliness of the bed-making brotherhood earns this adventure a abode on the annual by itself. OVERALL SCORE: 85.0

80. “Hope”/BLACK-ISH [2016]

Another adolescent atramentous man has been murdered by addition white cop. The Johnson ancestors watches the airship and altercate their absoluteness in an badly agitating episode. Afterwards it aired, Slate ran the afterward headline: “Black-ish Aloof Delivered One of the Best Episodes About Race Anytime to Air on Television.” OVERALL SCORE: 85.3

79. “The Caterpillar”/NIGHT GALLERY [1972]

Night Gallery was a darker Rod Serling consecutive alternation than its predecessor, The Twilight Zone. And this adventure is on par with Hereditary in the horrifyingly angled department. In it, Laurence Harvey plays a civilian assistant in Borneo who wants to do abroad with a man in adjustment to abduct his wife, and he comes up with a ablaze plan: Put a bounded earwig in the man’s ear that will annual aberration and conceivably alike death. But, as it stands, the earwig accidentally apprehension up in his own ear. Harvey is brilliant, in conceivably his best role ever, as he screams in disturbing affliction with an earwig bistro up his brain. But it assuredly comes out the added end, and he seems okay. Big relief…until he finds out that the earwig was changeable and laid eggs in his brain. This is a abhorrence adventure that can accord Stephen King the shudders. OVERALL SCORE: 85.4

78. “Got a Light?”/TWIN PEAKS: THE RETURN [2017]

The abutting David Lynch anytime got to the atramentous and white abominable awe of Eraserhead. It’s magical, bizarre, darkly funny, surreal, and a agog glimpse into one of the best artistic artists to anytime aces up a camera. And the use of Penderecki’s “Threnody for the Victims of Hiroshima” as the camera actually, slowly, ventures into an diminutive bang is sublime. OVERALL SCORE: 85.4

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77. “The Getaway”/DEXTER [2009]

Thus endeth the Trinity Analgesic plotline and John Lithgow’s boastful appearances as adolescent consecutive analgesic Arthur Mitchell. The catastrophe turns out to be both a aberration and absolutely twistedly demented. OVERALL SCORE: 85.5

76. “Grilled Cheesus”/GLEE [2010]

Finn’s broiled cheese sandwich looks like You-Know-Who while Kurt’s ancestor suffers a affection advance and Sue talks about God with her sister. Seven songs from the ep charted, a almanac for the series, including “Only the Acceptable Die Young,” “Papa, Can You Apprehend Me?”, “Losing My Religion,” and “Bridge Over Troubled Water.” Kurt’s adaptation of the Beatles’ “I Appetite to Authority Your Hand,” apathetic and torchy, is the show’s highlight. OVERALL SCORE: 85.5

75. “Midnight at the Concord”/THE MARVELOUS MRS. MAISEL [2018]

After not animate his daughter’s abstruse ball skills, Midge’s dad, Abe (Tony Shalhoub), assuredly sees her amateur accepted in the show’s best episode. OVERALL SCORE: 85.7

74. “Killing All the Appropriate People”/DESIGNING WOMEN [1987]

One of the aboriginal shows to bravely accord anon with AIDS. In it, a adolescent man with AIDS alleged Kendall (Tony Goldwyn, afore Apparition and The Inheritance) comes to Sugarbaker and Associates with a request: to architecture his funeral. Linda Bloodworth-Thompson wrote the adventure afterwards ambidextrous with the afterlife of her own mother from AIDS (contracted from a claret transfusion). Bloodworth-Thompson took the appellation from article she acutely overheard in the hospital: “The acceptable activity about AIDS is that it’s killing all the appropriate people.” OVERALL SCORE: 85.9

73. “Hang the DJ”/BLACK MIRROR [2017]

The standout adventure of this album alternation about a approaching barricaded society. Freedom is out and bodies charge be akin with the added actuality in a relationship. The admonition is, all the relationships arise with cessation dates that can be arise if the ally choose. Georgina Campbell and Joe Cole as the brace actuality are outstanding. OVERALL SCORE: 85.9

72. “The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis”/THE BIG BANG THEORY [2008]

Sheldon (Jim Parsons) gives his aboriginal “Sheldon hug” to Penny (Kaley Cuoco) acknowledgment to her Christmas present to him: a napkin active and absolutely acclimated by Leonard Nimoy. OVERALL SCORE: 85.9

71. “Chapter 14″/HOUSE OF CARDS [2014]

Francis Underwood (Kevin Spacey) kills Zoey Barnes (Kate Mara) by blame her in advanced of an advancing train. One of TV’s added abominable deaths. OVERALL SCORE: 86.0

70. “Divided He Falls”/BEWITCHED [1966]

Darrin (Dick York) is breach into two abstracted beings by Endora (Agnes Moorehead): The annoying party-hardy Darrin and the annoying too-serious crammer Darrin. There’s no way about it….Darrin is annoying, no amount what configuration. But the adventure turns out to be a address to the accuracy of Dick York, who gives a bout de force achievement arena both Darrins to the hilt. OVERALL SCORE: 86.0

69. “They Shoot Fonzies, Don’t They?”/HAPPY DAYS [1976]

A year afore Fonzie (Henry Winkler) absolutely jumped the shark, he appeared in the show’s best episode…the one with the ball marathon. Joanie (Erin Moran) is altercation with battling Jill (Charlene Tilton) and makes a bet at the ball claiming captivated at Arnold’s: If Joanie wins, she gets to be a Pom Pom Girl; if she loses, Fonzie, Joanie’s ball partner, has to ache a crew-cut. But Fonzie had to advance his motorcycle twelve afar afore the marathon, and is understandably pooped, but he still dances for fourteen hours in adjustment to admonition Shortcake. The accomplished Happy Canicule assemblage is involved, with Ritchie (Ron Howard) as the Master of Ceremonies (“Yowsah, yowsah, yowsah!”), Potsie (Anson Williams) as the singing entertainment, Mr. C (Tom Bosley) as the judge, and Mrs. C (Marion Ross) as the nurse. In the end, Joanie wins aback Fonzie’s Greek ball claiming destroys the battling Jill and her brother, Bubba. The appellation alludes to the ultra-serious Sydney Pollack dance-marathon film, They Shoot Horses, Don’t They? OVERALL SCORE: 86.2

68. “Grave Danger”/CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION [2005]

Like the “Final Escape” adventure of Alfred Hitchcock Presents (see above) and attributable added than a nod to Kill Bill, Vol. 2 (this was directed by Quentin Tarantino), “Grave Danger” involves one of the CSI aggregation actuality active animate area his rescue-time is of the essence. As abutting and agitative as CSI would get in its continued history. OVERALL SCORE: 86.3

67. “Dear Mrs. Kennedy”/THE CROWN [2017]

Two admirable actual women who helped shaped avant-garde history are on affectation in this astute ep, beautifully acted by Claire For (as Queen Elizabeth) and Jodi Balfour (as Jackie Kennedy). The catechism is: Did Jackie Kennedy absolutely insult the Queen abaft her aback at Buckingham Palace? OVERALL SCORE: 86.6


So as to not be able to scream aback their hearts are cut out, the citizens of Sunnydale accept had their choir removed by arduous ghouls accepted as “The Gentlemen.” Buffy and the assemblage charge nonverbally acquisition out who is amenable for the abrupt complete of blackout and stop their baleful scheme. Out of a 44-minute episode, abandoned 17 annual of chat is uttered. OVERALL SCORE: 86.7

65. “Password”/THE ODD COUPLE [1972]

Oscar (Jack Klugman) and Felix (Tony Randall) are on the television quiz show, Password, with host Alan Ludden and his wife, Betty White. For the chat “gravy,” Betty gives the chat “sauce,” to which her accomplice answers Mayonnaise.” Oscar gives Felix the abutting clue, “meat,” to which Felix responds, “Lincoln!” Aback asked why, Felix says, “It’s a accepted actuality that Lincoln admired mayonnaise!” And aback “Aristophanes” becomes a archetypal Felix clue (for “bird,” naturally), Oscar’s had it. Guaranteed to accomplish you beam out loud. OVERALL SCORE: 86.7

64. “Days Gone Bye”/THE WALKING DEAD [2010]

The Walking Asleep gets off on the appropriate bottom with this edge-of-your-seat pilot episode. And the angel of a horse actuality devoured by the alarming undead walkers will never leave my memory, no amount how adamantine I try. OVERALL SCORE: 86.9

63. “Casino Night”/THE OFFICE [2006]

One of the funniest 28 annual you will find, accounting by Steve Carell. OVERALL SCORE: 87.1

62. “Dramatics, Your Honor”/THE GOOD WIFE [2014]

The afterlife of Will Gardner (Josh Charles), in a aberration no one was expecting, and no one would anytime get over. According to Willa Paskin in Ball Weekly, it was “one of the best and best gut-punching death-of-a-major actualization episodes I’ve anytime seen.” That goes for all of us. OVERALL SCORE: 87.2

61. “Prague”/SUCCESSION [2018]

The ultimate available activity featuring the billionaire Roy clan–the abandoned ancestors that would accomplish King Lear’s breed attending undramatic and staid. OVERALL SCORE: 87.2

60. “Beloved Aunt”/CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM [2000]

Larry David specializes in discomfort, and there is no bigger cringy adventure than this one–where a misspelling in an obituary causes a accessory apocalypse. Best misspellings would be forgivable, but not one area you alter the “a” in “aunt” with a “c.” Hilarious and aching at the aforementioned time. OVERALL SCORE: 87.3

59. “Super Basin Sunday”/THIS IS US [2018]

Many questions were answered aback Jack dies in a 1998 blaze and is remembered 20 years afterwards during the Super Bowl. Get your Kleenex accessible with this one. OVERALL SCORE: 87.3

58. “Thanksgiving Orphans”/CHEERS [1986]

The Cheers assemblage apprehension up at Carla’s for a Thanksgiving barbecue to remember, mainly because it ends in the ultimate aliment fight. We alike get to accommodated Norm’s wife; too bad her face is covered in pie. OVERALL SCORE: 87.3

57. “House’s Head”/HOUSE [2008]

An adventure where, afterwards a bus accident, the abstruseness is trapped in the coil of Dr. Gregory House’s mind, and he charge save someone, but whom? Television Afterwards Pity alleged the key moment aback Abode (Hugh Laurie) retrieves his anamnesis as “the best ten annual of television you ability anytime see.” OVERALL SCORE: 87.5

56. “Maude’s Dilemma”/MAUDE [1972]

On the eve of Roe v. Wade, Maude (Beatrice Arthur), age-old 47, chooses to accept an aborticide in an adventure that, about fifty years later, would still annual abundant controversy. OVERALL SCORE: 87.5

55. “Steve Martin, Host”/SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE [1978]

The key SNL ep area so abundant happens: The addition to the Blues Brothers; “Theodoric of You, Medieval Barber”; the Czech Brothers; Nerds at the Science Fair; and Steve Martin introducing the apple to his soon-to-be-Top-40 change hit, “King Tut,” for the aboriginal time It’s a anniversary area aggregate went right. OVERALL SCORE: 87.5

54. “Blink”/DOCTOR WHO [2007]

In adjustment to stop the statue-like Weeping Angels (in their antecedent appearance) to booty over the TARDIS, the tenth doctor (David Tennant), ashore in 1969, tries to acquaint with a adolescent woman, Sally Sparrow (Carey Mulligan), in 2007. Sparrow charge breach a set of mystifying clues beatific through time by the ashore Doctor, larboard in DVD Easter Eggs. Mind-blowing. David Bradley of SFX predicted that “Blink” would go bottomward “as one of the finest, scariest, cleverest Who episodes ever.” OVERALL SCORE: 87.7

53. “Bagman”/BETTER CALL SAUL [2020]

Up there with the actual best Breaking Bad episodes, which agency it’s one of the best that TV has anytime had to offer. In it, Jimmy/Saul (Bob Odenkirk) is ambushed in the arid over $7,000,000 and Mike (Jonathan Banks) saves him Unfortunately, one of the ambushers slunk abroad and Jimmy’s car died, so Jimmy and Mike accept to footstep on bottom through the cruel desert. Meanwhile, Jimmy’s babe aback home, Kim (the absurd Rhea Seehorn), is afraid abundant to appointment Cartel baddie, Lalo. In the end, what do you anticipate abashed Jimmy the most, that he about had his arch absolute off or that he had to alcohol his own pee? OVERALL SCORE: 87.8

52. “Isn’t It Romantic”/THE GOLDEN GIRLS [1986]

This one’s a howler. The capital artifice revolves about a acquaintance of Dorothy’s, Jean (Lois Nettleton), who avalanche in adulation with Rose (Betty White). Blanche (Rue McClanahan) hears the annual about Jean from Sophia (Estelle Getty): “Jean is a lesbian.” Blanche: “What’s funny about that?” Sophia: “You aren’t surprised?” Blanche: “Of advance not! I beggarly I’ve never accepted any personally, but isn’t Danny Thomas one.” Dorothy (Beatrice Arthur) charge advocate here: “Not Lebanese, Blanche! Lesbian!” OVERALL SCORE: 87.8

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51. “Turkeys Away”/WKRP IN CINCINATTI [1978]

Answers the question, “Can turkeys fly?” OVERALL SCORE: 88.1

50. “Haunted”/ST. ELSEWHERE [1986]

St. Elsewhere has so abounding archetypal eps to choose, from the “Time Heals” bifold header, which goes aback and alternating in time with a altered blur banal acclimated for anniversary time period, to the head-scratching finale, area all of the St Eligius ball was in an autistic child’s head. But “Haunted’ beats them all in the affecting department, aback Dr. Craig (William Daniels) loses his son in an auto accident. His abundant daughter-in-law is actively afflicted in the blast and ultimately gives birth. Is there a added affecting moment than aback Dr. Craig, crushed, sees his new granddaughter for the aboriginal time? OVERALL SCORE: 88.1

49. “Grace Under Pressure”/HILL STREET BLUES [1984]

Sgt. Esterhaus dies. In absolute life, amateur Michel Conrad, best accepted for his band “Let’s be accurate out there,” had anesthetized abroad a few months beforehand due to cancer, and the writers were able to address his afterlife as a above storyline. OVERALL SCORE: 88.4

48. “Triangle”/X-FILES [1998]

Classic stand-alone ep, accounting and directed by Chris Carter, edited to arise like it’s filmed in one connected take, a la Alfred Hitchcock’s Rope. In it, Muldar (David Duchovny), on a affluence liner in the Bermuda Triangle, has catholic aback in time to the ancestry of Apple War 2 (1939). Nazi’s are additionally on board, attractive for Thor’s Hammer, that can about-face the course of the war. Scully (Gillian Anderson), in 1998, is aggravating to acquisition a way to get Muldar back. It’s accurate and thrilling. According to Matt Zoller Seitz in The Star-Ledger: “There has never been an hour of TV that looks or moves like ‘Triangle.'” OVERALL SCORE: 88.4

47. “City on the Bend of Forever”/STAR TREK [1967]

Like “Triangle,” Brilliant Trek did its own time biking episodes, and this one stands as the best. Leave it to Bones McCoy (DeForest Kelley) to biking aback in time to New York City, 1930, and be amenable for altering history. Captain Kirk (William Shatner) and Mr. Spock (Leonard Nimoy) accept to heroically anchored what McCoy had adulterated on the timeline. Unfortunately, Kirk has collapsed in adulation with the actuality in the average of the afflicted timeline, Edith Keeler (Joan Collins), and there’s one activity that has to appear in adjustment for him to save the future: He charge let her die. As she accomplish in advanced of a fast-moving truck, will he stop her? Will he acquiesce his adulation to die? In the end, it’s Mr. Spock, not Captain Kirk, who ultimately makes the appropriate accommodation and saves mankind. OVERALL SCORE: 88.4

46. “Reverend Jim: A Space Odyssey”/TAXI [1979]

Burned-out ex-hippy Abbey Jim (Christopher Lloyd) charge canyon a analysis to become a cabbie. Abbey Jim to Bobby (Jeff Conaway): “Psst…what does a chicken ablaze mean?” Bobby: “Slow down.” Abbey Jim (slowly): “What…does… the…yellow…light…mean?” Bobby: “Slow down.” Revered Jim (even added slowly): “Whaaat…doooeees…theee… yeeelllooowww… llliiiggghhhttt… meeeaaan??” OVERALL SCORE: 88.5

45. “Episode #2.4/CHAPPELLE’S SHOW [2004]

The Adulation Contract & Accurate Hollywood Stories: Rick James. Genius. OVERALL SCORE: 88.6

44. “The Dream Arrangement Consistently Rings Twice”/MOONLIGHTING [1985]

The best blur noir of the 1980’s, in atramentous and white, with Dave (Bruce Willis) and Maddie (Cybill Shepard) investigating the Flamingo Cove Murder, a 1946 algid case. TV never did things like this afore Moonlighting. Narrated by Orson Welles, his aftermost appointment afore his death. OVERALL SCORE: 88.8

43″The Subject Was Noses”/THE BRADY BUNCH [1973]

Marcia (Maureen McCormick) gets hit in the adenoids with a football, causing her schnozz to draft up like a balloon. A fan favorite, this has everything, from archetypal curve (“Something aback came up”) to again visuals of Marcia accepting football-slammed in the snotlocker over and over. Attending for Nicholas Hammond (Fredrich in The Complete of Music; Peter Parker in TV’s Amazing Spider-Man; and administrator Sam Wanamaker in Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood) as the eely wannabe-lothario, Doug Simpson, who insensitively breach his date with Marcia and her annular beak. OVERALL SCORE: 89.0

42. “Last Exit to Springfield”/THE SIMPSONS [1993]

A aberrant classic, complete with faux Chicken Submarine allusions (“Purple Submersible”) and alike Citizen Kane (the Cockatoo screeching). In this, Homer Simpson doesn’t appetite to buy braces for Lisa, so he does what any empty-pocketed pa would do: He becomes admiral of the activity abutment of the Springfield Nuclear Ability Plant and leads his workers in a bang to accompany aback a dental plan. The appellation is an admiration to Aftermost Exit to Brooklyn, Hubert Selby Jr.’s aphotic atypical of, amid added things, a abutment strike. OVERALL SCORE: 89.2

41. “Barney and the Choir”/THE ANDY GRIFFTH SHOW [1962]

Every choir abecedary has one…that agog kid who aloof cannot sing. Well, that’s Barney Fife (Don Knotts) in this most-beloved adventure area no one has the affection to acquaint Barney that his singing articulation can breach glasses for all the amiss reasons. The choir tries to authority abstruse rehearsals, but Barney consistently finds them. Andy assuredly comes up with the band-aid that will not breach Barney’s spirit…tell him he’s on a microphone and to sing so agilely that no one can apprehend him. Barney so abutting that he doesn’t alike apprehend that Glen Cripe is abaft a blind singing for him. Showcases the untouchable comedic abilities of Don Knotts at his actual best. A classic. OVERALL SCORE: 89.3

40. “Second Look”/THIRTYSOMETHING [1991]

Brilliant allurement and switch, the vicissitudes of activity in abounding swing. In this episode, we bless Nancy (Patricia Wettig) as she overcomes blight (the year’s capital storyline) while acquirements of the abominable afterlife of Gary Shepherd (Peter Horton). A bang in the gut, joy and affliction in the aforementioned breath. OVERALL SCORE: 89.3

39. “The Actor’s Home”/ THE ABBOT AND COSTELLO SHOW [1953]

Contains the best archetypal routine, “Who’s on First?” Charge I say more? OVERALL SCORE: 89.3

38. “11 PM TO 12 AM”/24 [2002]

The division one afterpiece of the hottest actualization on television, area FBI abettor Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) defeats the bad guys but loses the apple with the afterlife of his wife in the aftermost minute. A spellbinder. OVERALL SCORE: 89.6

37. “The Germans”/FAWLTY TOWERS [1975]

John Cleese’s silly-walk goose-stepping and miming a Hitler mustache to a roomful of Germans is laugh-so-hard-the-milk-comes-out-of-your-nose funny. OVERALL SCORE: 89.7

36. “The Producer”/GILLIGAN’S ISLAND [1966]

Phil Silvers may be the bedfellow brilliant of the adventure as Harold Hecuba, but that is not what we remember. This ep is acclaimed for one activity and one activity only: The Agreeable Hamlet sequence. Application Bizet’s Carmen for music, the castaways address and accomplish the zaniest adaptation of William Shakespeare’s best acclaimed play. Analysis out their casting: Gilligan as Hamlet; Skipper as Polonius; Mr. Howell as Claudius; Mrs. Howell as Gertrude; Ginger as Ophelia; and Mary Ann as Laertes. And what about the Professor? I assumption he was their music administrator (he turns on the almanac player). The songs are communicable and clever, abnormally Skipper-as-Polonius’ big solo: “Neither a borrower nor a lender be/Do not forget/Stay out of debt/Think twice/And booty this acceptable admonition from me/Guard that old solvency/There’s aloof one added activity you care to do/To thine own cocky be true!” How abounding accouchement got their aboriginal addition to the Bard by watching this actual appropriate Gilligan’s Island? OVERALL SCORE: 89.7

35. “Episode 1.03″/DOWNTON ABBEY [2010]

Pamuk. His afterlife of a affection advance in Mary’s bed starts a memorable alternation of challenge as she and Anna try to backpack the annealed to his own bed. Unfortunately, their abstruse is not safe as Daisy sees Mary accustomed Pamuk’s body forth the corridor. Abundant stuff, affidavit that DOWNTON ABBEY would be added than the archetypal British import…it’s a masterpiece. OVERALL SCORE: 89.9

34. “Everyone’s Waiting”/SIX FEET UNDER [2012]

One of the top two alternation finales ever, appropriate up there with M*A*S*H’s and Newhart’s aftermost episodes, area we beam advanced to the approaching to acquisition the fates of the Fisher family. OVERALL SCORE: 90.1

33. “Who Done It?”/DALLAS [1980]

In 1980, the bigger catechism of the year wasn’t Reagan’s “Are you bigger off now than you were four years ago?” It was “Who attempt J.R.?” And in this iconic episode, the accuracy emerges…it was Kristin (Mary Crosby). Two weeks later, aback John Lennon was murdered alfresco of his Dakota apartments in New York City, I was greeted the abutting morning in a Florida aerial academy with the afterward accounting on a blackboard: “Who attempt J.L.?” I cringed. It wasn’t funny at all, but it showed aloof how accepted “Who attempt J.R.?” ultimately was. OVERALL SCORE: 90.1

32. “The Activity of Starcourt”/STRANGER THINGS [2019]

Better than best movies of 2019, a third division division afterpiece to be remembered, abnormally with the abruptness “death” of Jim Hopper (David Harbour). Aback I aboriginal watched the episode, I rewound it afterwards to watch his exact demise. I didn’t see it; it wasn’t there. Why wouldn’t they actualization the afterlife of a above character, one of the best admired on the series? I wondered. The credits again rolled, and afore I could about-face them off, there was a coda set in Russia…and we knew…it ain’t over for ol’ Jim. Acknowledge God. OVERALL SCORE: 90.2

31. “Murder by the Book”/COLUMBO [1971]

Look at the powerhouses abaft this aboriginal official adventure of COLUMBO starring Peter Falk. Accounting by Stephen Bochco, who would be amenable for the best TV of the 1980’s and 1990’s (Hill Street Blues, L.A. Law and NYPD Blue). Created by Richard Levinson and William Link, the men abaft Murder, She Wrote. Featuring the ultimate COLUMBO villain, Jack Cassidy. And directed by a twentysomething with absolutely a eyes and a beheld ability hardly apparent on TV: A actual adolescent Steven Spielberg. Wow. OVERALL SCORE: 90.2

30. “Episode 1″/ROOTS [1977]

It captured the acuteness of millions of Americans, atramentous and white. Its ability in storytelling of the adolescent Kunta Kinte (Levar Burton), from his ancestors activity in Africa with his advancing of age rituals, to his abduction by bondservant traders and ultimately assimilate a bondservant address destined for America. It’s a aching two hours, the alpha of the best important mini-series in history, but it’s able-bodied annual it. OVERALL SCORE: 90.3

29. “Pilot”/TWIN PEAKS [1990]

The best beautifully surreal alternation opener of all time, acknowledgment to David Lynch. Homecoming Queen Laura Palmer is begin dead, “wrapped in plastic,” and her annihilation unleashes the odd alterity of this asleep northwestern town. There are so abounding iconic things in this actual aboriginal episode: Abettor Cooper’s taped recordings to Diane; a accomplished cup of coffee; a allotment of blooming pie; Douglas fir copse alarming in the wind; and a log lady. (The dancing dwarf would be a brace of eps away.) But this is the adapt for all austere dramas to come; afterwards it, I don’t accept you would accept “The Sopranos,” “Mad Men,” “Lost,” or “Breaking Bad.” It opened the aperture for a new affectionate of affecting series, one not so linear. And it’s still a heck of a lot of fun to watch. OVERALL SCORE: 90.3

28. “A Amount of Activity and Death”/THE HONEYMOONERS [1955]

Ralph (Jackie Gleason) thinks he’s dying of astute Arterial Monochromia, a baleful disease. Actually, he had alloyed up his medical assay with that of his mother-in-law’s collie. Ralp decides to advertise his adventure to a annual magazine, but soons apprentice the truth. What to do? If you estimated “have Norton (Art Carney) affectation as an Oxford-educated doctor,” again you wouldn’t be off the mark. By far the greatest Honeymooners ep, which additionally agency it’s one of the 1950’s finest shows. OVERALL SCORE: 90.4

27. “Eye of the Beholder”/THE TWILIGHT ZONE [1960]

While watching this for the aboriginal time, I kept apprehensive why all the doctors and nurses were filmed from the back, or their faces adumbral in darkness. I afresh showed it to a accumulation of average academy kids and they admired it and could analyze with its anti-conformity angle. Abundant shows never abound old and allege to every generation. OVERALL SCORE: 90.4

26. “The Two Mrs. Cranes”/FRASIER [1996]

It’s like a academician adventure of Three’s Company, a Noel Coward absurdity directed by Jean Renoir and set in Seattle. OVERALL SCORE: 90.6

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25. “Full Frontal Nudity”/MONTY PYTHON’S FLYING CIRCUS [1969]

Although it’s a approved ep, it plays like Python’s greatest hits, with the abominable pet shop/dead parrot sketch, the Hermit absurdity and Hell’s Grannies in the aforementioned episode. OVERALL SCORE: 90.8

24. “Episode #238″/THE CAROL BURNETT SHOW [1976]

How continued did it booty you to stop bedlam at Scarlett’s array rod accept pads in the Gone with the Wind parody, “Went with the Wind”? You’re apparently still bedlam aloof cerebration about it; I apperceive I am. OVERALL SCORE: 90.9

23. “Season Finale”/SURVIVOR BORNEO [2000]

Reality shows existed afore Survivor, but afterwards this episode, they became the bigger activity in TV Land. If you like Big Brother, The Bachelor, or The Amazing Race, again acknowledge the Survivor Gods. And the final adventure of Division 1, with Sue activity off with her “rat and snake” accent and Richard Hatch actuality an absurd winner, kept us on the bend of our seats. With its celebrated run and influence, this should apparently be alike college on the list, but alliance is bound for any absoluteness show. OVERALL SCORE: 91.0

22. “On the Beach”/ER [2002]

The aftermost canicule of Dr. Greene (Anthony Edwards) as he dies of a academician tumor. Highly atramentous but abnormally powerful. His dream-stroll through the hospital corridors to the tune of “Over the Rainbow” is too much. I charge a handkerchief aloof cerebration of it. OVERALL SCORE: 91.0

21. “The Puppy Episode”/ELLEN [1997]

“Yep, I’m gay,” apprehend the Ellen DeGeneres awning of Time annual aback this adventure aired. Ellen’s advancing out became one of LGBTQ’s battleground moments and one of the 1990’s pop ability touchstones. OVERALL SCORE: 91.0

20. “Coast to Coast Big Mouth”/THE DICK VAN DYKE SHOW [1965]

Laura Petrie (Mary Tyler Moore) appears on a television affairs (“Pay As You Go”) and informs the apple that brilliant Alan Brady (Carl Reiner), her husband’s boss, is bald. Alan Brady to his abundant toupees, advertence Laura: “Fellas…there she is. There’s the little adult who put you out of business!” OVERALL SCORE: 91.0

19. “Two Cathedrals”/THE WEST WIND [2001]

President Bartlett’s address to God in the Civic Cathedral afterwards Ms. Landingham’s burial may be Martin Sheen’s finest moment as an actor. On Inside the Actor’s Studio, host James Lipton cited “Two Cathedrals” as “one of the best episodes in the history of American television.” OVERALL SCORE: 91.7

18. “Downer Ending”/BOJACK HORSEMAN [2014]

From “Bojack Horseman” aficionado Michael Mekus: “‘Downer Ending’ is one of the best able episodes of television from the aftermost decade. Bojack’s drug-induced activity is a amazing attending at how depressed bodies are accommodating to do annihilation at all to cope, alike put themselves in abominable and ambiguous environments. His hallucinations are alarming and alarming and a accurate masterclass in animation, and alike scarier than his hallucinations, his final address that he delivers to Diane may be the best adverse moment from the absolute series. All Bojack seeks is validation and accepting and to feel loved, and in a moment of admiring and desperation, all he can assume to accept is acceptance for the actualization that accursed him to his afflicted drug-and-alcohol riddled, depressed existence.” OVERALL SCORE: 91.8

17. “The Aftermost Newhart”/NEWHART [1990]

For the arduous accuracy of its aftermost minute, its final alternation afterpiece moment, aback Emily (Suzanne Pleshette) wakes up abutting to Bob in bed and we’re aback no best in ’90’s Newhart but advance in the old 1970’s sit-com The Bob Newhart Show. Perfection. OVERALL SCORE: 91.8

16. “The Best of Both Worlds, Part 1″/STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION [1990]

This is may be the greatest authentic Science fiction adventure of all. You are fabricated of tougher actuality than I if the Borg doesn’t accomplish you convulse in your boots. The final moment here, area Picard becomes one of those alarming Borg, was a division afterpiece bewilderment for all time. My brother in law, a Brilliant Trek fanatic, saw this in 1990, and proclaimed, “That is the greatest adventure of television ever!” OVERALL SCORE: 92.0

15. “Death and All His Friends”/GREY’S ANATOMY [2010]

A ballista (Michael O’Neill) roams the hallways of Seattle Mercy Grace West Hospital, gunning bottomward victims including alternation audience Dr. Reed Adamson (Nora Zehetner) and Dr. Charles Percy (Robert Baker). An unrelenting, harrowing, edge-of-your-seat, can’t-take-a-breath 86 annual of television. OVERALL SCORE: 92.1

14. “Sammy’s Visit”/ALL IN THE FAMILY [1972]

Sammy Davis Jr. visits the abode of bigot Archie Bunker (Carroll O’Connor). The aboriginal activity Archie tells his wife Edith (Jean Stapleton) is not to acknowledgment that Sammy Davis has one eye. And the aboriginal activity Archie asks Sammy? “Would you like some chrism and amoroso in your eye?” But Sammy gets the aftermost beam aback he tells Archie: “If you were biased you would, like some people, abutting their eyes to what’s activity on in this abundant country that we animate in. But not you, Archie, your eyes are advanced open. You can acquaint the aberration amid atramentous and white…And if you were prejudiced, you’d airing about cerebration you’re bigger than anybody abroad in the world. But I can candidly say, accepting spent these astonishing moments with you… You ain’t bigger than anybody.” He seals it with a kiss on Archie’s cheek; Archie’s announcement actuality is in and of itself annual such a aerial adjustment on this list. OVERALL SCORE: 92.6

13. “The One with the Embryos”/FRIENDS [1998]

Phoebe’s storyline may get the title, but it’s article abroad in this adventure that puts it over the top: The Accompany Trivia Game! In it, the assemblage plays a question-and-answer bold (emceed by Ross) area the stakes are decidedly high: The champ gets Monica’s apartment. Forth the way, we apprentice the following: that Monica’s bigger pet annoyance is animals dressed as humans; that Michael Flatley, Lord of the Ball scares the bejeezus out of Chandler; that “Chanandlor Bong” appears on the cable characterization of Chandler’s TV Guide; that Chandler’s ancestor annual an all-male caricatural alleged Viva Las Gaygas; that Monica’s appellation on her adolescence hockey aggregation was Big Fat Goalie; that Rachel says her admired cine is Alarming Liaisons but in absoluteness it’s Weekend at Bernie’s; that Monica has 11 categories for her towels; that Joey’s admired aliment is sandwiches; that Chandler was 19 aback he aboriginal affected a girl’s breast; that Joey had an abstract adolescence acquaintance alleged Maurice, Space Cowboy; and that cipher knows what Chandler does for a living. As Ball Annual claimed, “Thanks to the trivia claiming alone, ‘Embryos’ is absolutely possibly Friends’ finest moment.” OVERALL SCORE: 92.7


People usually aberration this as Johnny Carson’s aftermost episode; actually, it’s his additional to the aftermost ep. This actualization Robin Williams, who’s never been funnier, and Bette Midler, who’s never been added poignant. Her adaptation of “One for My Babyish (And One Added for the Road),” will accomplish you get absolutely wistful, like Carson as he watched on, animate his amazing thirty year adventure was advancing to a close. Midler says aback she exited the date afterwards the song, she cried her eyes out. She was not alone. OVERALL SCORE: 92.8

11. “Pine Barrens”/THE SOPRANOS [2001]

Murder in the dupe doesn’t go so smoothly. Off-beat, clumsily funny and actual dark, the closing the way we like our coffee and the way we like our Soprano’s episodes. OVERALL SCORE: 93.6

10. “Good-Bye”/THE WONDER YEARS [1990]

Kevin Arnold (Fred Savage) and his algebraic teacher, Mr. Collins (Steven Gilborn), were the capacity of three Admiration Years episodes. But it’s the aftermost one, “Good-Bye,” that swings the hardest and hits the out of the esplanade homerun. Kevin works adamantine in math, aggravating to advance his brand so he can get a “Good job, Kevin” accounting on his tests; he alike starts activity to afterschool apprenticeship with Mr. Collins. He finds himself affection the abecedary actual much. But aback Mr. Collins can’t accomplish their sessions anymore, Kevin wonders why. “I anticipation you were my friend,” he says. “Not your friend, Mr. Arnold,” Mr. Collins says. “Your teacher.” Kevin is aching that the abecedary hasn’t been around, and on Friday’s test, he advisedly messes up, cartoon pictures and autograph abrupt comments on the paper. He leaves defiantly as Mr. Collins calls out to him to no avail. Aback Kevin allotment to academy on Monday, he is abreast that his teacher, Mr. Collins, had anesthetized abroad over the weekend. A affection attack. For the abutting few days, Kevin was tormented, absent in his own claimed hell. But aback accustomed the adventitious to composition the test, he aces it in annual of his teacher. It ends with Kevin apperception Mr. Collins sitting abaft his desk, smiling. “Good job, Mr. Collins,” Kevin tells his abecedary as “Goodbye, My Friend” by Linda Ronstadt plays. And there’s not a dry eye in the house. “Good-Bye,” the greatest assignment about the teacher-student dynamic, should be appropriate examination for all educators. OVERALL SCORE: 93.7

9. “The Suitcase”/MAD MEN [2010]

Two of the finest performances in the history of television action abreast the end of this episode-when Don Draper (Jon Hamm) learns of a afterlife and breach bottomward to Peggy (Elizabeth Moss). According to Hamm, “I’ve never anytime formed on article and acquainted the way I acquainted afterwards we attempt the adventure in Division 4 alleged ‘The Suitcase’. That one … I can’t alike put it into words.” OVERALL SCORE: 93.8

8. “Chuckles Bites the Dust”/THE MARY TYLER MOORE SHOW [1975]

Few accept the ability of TV bigger than Mary Tyler Moore. You appetite proof, again watch this episode. In it, Lou Grant (Ed Asner) announces a tragedy to the newsroom: “Chuckles the Clown is dead. It was a aberration accident. He went to a array dressed as Peter Peanut, and a rogue albatross approved to carapace him.” Everyone in the newsroom makes fun of his death. Except Mary. She chastises her accompany for actuality so aloof to the dead. But at the funeral, which starts off actual somber, Mary tries to abolish her laughter. But she loses it when, in the eulogy, the abbey says, “Remember how, aback his arch-rival, Senor Kaboom hits him with a behemothic cucumber and agape him down? Mr. Fee-Fi-Fo would consistently aces himself up, dust himself off, and say, ‘I aching my foo-foo!'” Mary can’t stop laughing. The abbey stops the commemoration and addresses her: “You feel like laughing, don’t you? Don’t try to stop yourself. Go ahead, beam out loud. Don’t you see? Nothing could accept fabricated Chuckles happier. He lived to accomplish bodies laugh. He begin tears offensive, acutely offensive. He hated to see bodies cry. Go ahead, my dear-laugh!” And on that note, Mary breach bottomward crying. OVERALL SCORE: 93.8

7. “Lucy Does a TV Commercial”/I LOVE LUCY [1952]

One word: Vitameatavegamin. OVERALL SCORE: 94.0

6. “The Constant”/LOST [2008]

Desmond (Henry Ian Cusick) gets unstuck in time, zipping amid 1996 and 2004 in a rollercoaster ride area there seems to be no aberration amid the accomplished and the resent. It’s animating television, application time biking in the best altered way and abacus addition aberration to it-an affluence of heart. The accord amid Desmond and his “constant,” Penny, the adulation of his life, will cook your heart. OVERALL SCORE: 94.2

5. “The Beatles Aboriginal Appearance”/THE ED SULLIVAN SHOW [1964]

In activity there consistently seems to be a Afore and an After. Afore February 9, 1964, the United States was in aggregate aching over the afterlife of a President. A little over two months later, four mop acme from Liverpool appeared on TV and afflicted the apple forever. Nothing would be the same. For the record, the Beatles played a absolute of bristles songs: “All My Loving,” “Till There Was You,” “She Loves You,” “I Saw Her Standing There,” and “I Appetite to Authority Your Hand.” Not that you could absolutely apprehend them over the agreeable teens. We airship that added guests appeared that night: Banjo abundant Tessie O’Shea, archimage Fred Kaps, future-Riddler Frank Gorshin, and associates of the Oliver! cast, including a adolescent pre-Monkees Davy Jones. But they were all eclipsed by the Fab Four in a night to be always remembered. OVERALL SCORE: 94.2

4. “The Contest”/SEINFELD [1992]

Who is “Master of their Doman”? That’s the catechism in the show’s title, “The Contest,” area four accompany at Monks COFFEE SHOP bet on who can go the longest afterwards self-pleasure. Anniversary of Jerry’s assemblage are affected to face their own temptations, like disrobing neighbors, virgins captivation out, audible blot baths, and John F. Kennedy, Jr. The chat “masturbation” is never used, and that makes the accomplished activity assignment better: a squeaky-clean attending at absolute debasement, an ode to onanism denial, a masterpiece of pud-pulling stoppage. OVERALL SCORE: 94.7

3. “The Rains of Castamere”/GAME OF THRONES [2013]

PLEASE NOTE: SPOILER ALERT! “The Red Wedding,” area we see fan favorites Robb Stark, his bride, his mother, and his men slaughtered. It’s been seven years, and I’m still not over it. And my assumption is, neither are you. OVERALL SCORE: 94.9

2. “Goodbye, Farewell and Amen”/M*A*S*H. [1983]

To animate in 1983 aback this aired, to be at a M*A*S*H party, to bless one of TV’s finest comedy-dramas. We were so advantageous aback then, weren’t we? It still holds the record, with a Nielsen appraisement of 60.2 and a 77 allotment , boasting 125 actor viewers. And that doesn’t booty in annual the cardinal of bodies at 4077 parties beyond America, the ones dressed like Hawkeye or Hot Lips. It was a two and a bisected hour epic, and those of us who were able to see it at the time, to acquaintance it as a nation, as a one…yep, we accede ourselves awfully lucky. OVERALL NIGHT: 96.8

And now…drum roll, please…for the #1 greatest TV adventure of all time….

1. “Ozymandias”/BREAKING BAD [2013]

Pretty amazing that two shows in the best top three came out in the aforementioned year. I bethink watching this adventure of Breaking Bad, arrant out at the screen, bitter my fingernails, not aloof on the bend of my chair, but about falling off it. I knew again what I apperceive now: This is the best adventure of television ever. I don’t apperceive if it will anytime be topped. It not abandoned contains the abominable afterlife of a above character, but that happens alike afore the aperture credits. It additionally showcases the best agonizing activity amid Skylar (Anna Gunn) and Walt (Bryan Cranston), catastrophe with Walt abducting their baby. And it ends with Walt activity away, acutely vanishing from the world. My admired moment is when, in the desert, Walt grits his teeth and talks to his protégé, Jesse (Aaron Paul), about blithe as he recounts how he watched Jesse’s girlfriend, Jane, die. It’s a abominable masterstroke, so abominable and yet so perfect. And with Cranston and Paul, it’s the best acting on TV that you’ll encounter. TV doesn’t get bigger than this. The way I acquainted aback I watched the final M*A*S*H is the way I acquainted aback I watched this adventure of Breaking Bad: I’m so advantageous to be animate with shows like this on the air. OVERALL SCORE: 96.9

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