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90 3 Hazem absolved by the ref, aloof few moments afore the adjudicator assault the final whistle. It’s Ahly 2-0 Zamalek.

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90′ The adjudicator gives three account of abeyance time

88′ Zamalek are badly aggravating but the bold seems over now…

84′ Trezeguet replaces Moemen.

83′ Ibrahim Salah strikes from alfresco the area, but babysitter Ekramy calmly gathers the ball.

81′ Zakareya accoutrements his claimed bifold afterwards his chargeless bang exhausted babysitter El-Shennawi!!! A abundant bend by the ex-Masri man.

81′ GOOOOOOOAAAALLLL!!!! Ahly two!!!

80′ Ali Gabr appointed afterwards actuality adjudged to accept befuddled Walid Soliman.

79′ Tarek Hamed replaces addition underperformer in Tawfik. 

76′ Zakareya slices his accomplishment from the bend of the box, a abhorrent attempt from the match’s goal-scorer.

73′ Cisse is wheeled on instead of the out-of-sorts Maarouf!

70′ The additional barter for Ahly; Amr Gamal comes off the bank to alter Meteb.

69′ Tolba gets into the referee’s book. 

67′ Meanwhile, Zamalek’s frailities in midfield gets calmly apparent aback Ahly presses forward.. 

63′ Ramadan Sobhi comes in for El-Saied for Ahly.

63′ A chicken agenda awarded to Ghaly afterward a abhorrent on Ibrahim Salah

62′ Even so, Zamalek charge to added aggressive on goal!

60′ Zamalek attending abundant bigger in the additional half, accepting abandoned their abysmal back-line action of the aboriginal half, moreover, the actuality that Ahly started to run out of gas additionally played into their hands.

57′ Hossam Ashour cautioned by the ref afterward a two-legged challenge!

55′ Eid is replaced by Youssef Ibrahim ‘Obama’

53′ In what seemed to be a able adventitious for Zamalek, Eid bootless to accomplish the appropriate accommodation with the brawl central the box, accepting cut it aback to no-one!

52′ Moemen bootless to accomplish the best of a Koffi blooper to go through on goal, accepting adopted to bang from ambit but absent the target.

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48′ El-Saied plays the chargeless bang clumsily bad. Out for goalkick…

47′ Abdallah El-Saied wins a abhorrent abreast the box afterward a abhorrent by Ibrahim Salah.

The additional bisected begins.

45′ Zamalek now accretion ascendancy in those final account of the half..

43′ A abundant chargeless bang from Bassem Morsi that almost misses the target! Zamalek looked abutting at one point!!

41′ As we’ve aloof said, the Zamalek players are acceptance too abundant fouls.

37′ Zamalek players attending a bit cheeky afterward the ambition they conceded, clumsy to body attacks and abuse their opponents too much.

36′ Bassem Morsi handed a chicken agenda afterward a abhorrent on Sherif Hazem.

32′ An bare Moemen Zakareya accustomed the brawl central the box afterwards the Zamalek aegis bootless to clear, to acquisition the abreast bend of the net.

32′ GOOOOOOAAAAALLLL!!!!! Ahly booty the lead!!!

30′ The aboriginal attention of the match, Bassem Ali chicken carded afterward a acrid accouterment on Morsi.

29′ Ahly still in control, and now advancing bottomward the appropriate through Moemen.

27′ A claimed bound amid Saad Samir and Bassem Morsi, who is yet to win the battle.

25′ A accomplished aggregation move from Zamalek saw Fathi hit advanced from central the box afterwards actuality set up by the advancing Tawfik.

24′ Up untill now, Ahly attending afterpiece to scoring admitting still defective the absolute final touch.

22′ Aback Zamalek loses the ball, they anatomy a low block acceptance lots of amplitude for Ahly.. 

18′  That was close!!! Abdallah El-Saied misses the ambition from the bend of the box aback he had the adventitious to accomplish abundant bigger than that!!

15′ Fifteen account so far, bold mainly belted to midfield.

13′ Admitting Ahly’s control, yet the Reds accept yet to affectation absolute blackmail on goal.

10′ Ahly still in control, Zamalek’s midfield are clumsy to bind their anchor on the centermost of the park.

7′ Zamalek now started to arise in Ahly’s final third afterwards a acceptable movement from Bassem Morsi bottomward the larboard but his cantankerous is eventually austere by Ahly’s defense.

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4′ Abhorrent for Sherif Hazem afterward a boxy claiming from Fathi, but no chicken cards brandished by the referee.

2′ Ahly are demography the action aboriginal on, award pockets of amplitude in Zamalek’s midfield and amid the lines.

1′ It seems that Fathi replaced Hefni in the final moments for Zamalek!

The bout gets underway

19:45 Ahly will comedy adept frontman Emad Meteb as centermost forward, meanwhile Zamalek accept fielded their approved lineup.

Zamalek’s starting XI:

Ahmed El-Shennawi, Ali Gabr, Mohamed Koffi, Hamada Tolba, Hazem Emam, Ibrahim Salah, Maarouf Yussuf, Ahmed Tawfik, Ayman Hefni, Ahmed Eid, Bassem Morsi

19:30 Right-footed Sherif Hazem will be Ahly’s larboard aback tonight 

Ahly’s starting XI:

Sherif Ekramy, Sherif Hazem, Saad Samir, Mohamed Naguib, Bassem Ali, Hossam Ashour, Hossam Ghaly, Abdallah El-Saied, Walid Soliman, Moemen Zakareya, Emad Meteb

19:10 Both teams are currently abating up…

18:40 The Ahly accidental has accustomed as well.

18:30 The Zamalek accidental has aloof accustomed at the army-owned Borg El-Arab Amphitheater an hour and a bisected afore bang off.

18:15 Whether Ahly drillmaster Fathi Mabrouk will acreage adept striker Emad Meteb or the advancing Amr Gamal in his frontline charcoal to be seen.

18:00 Ahly’s apparent lineup:

Sherif Ekramy, Saad Samir, Mohamed Naguib, Bassem Ali, Sabri Rahil, Hossam Ghaly, Hossam Ashour, Abdallah El-Saied, Walid Soliman, Ramadan Sobhi, Amr Gamal

17:50 Zamalek will be relying abundant on Hefni’s cheat in the final third as able-bodied as Maarouf’s outstanding anatomy of backward while agriculture striker Bassem Morsi.

17:45 Babysitter Ahmed El-Shennawi will absorb his atom amid the sticks, as Zamalek will be relying on him to assure their goal.

17:25 Zamalek advanced three will apparently affection Bassem Morsi as a centermost forward, belted by catchy playmaker Hefni and Eid.

17:10 Zamalek administrator Jesualdo Ferreira will apparently abide to comedy with his prefered 4-3-3 formation, with a midfield leash comprised of Ibrahim Salah (holder), Ahmed Tawfik and Maarouf Yussuf. 

17:00 Zamalek’s apparent lineup:

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