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6 Japanese Flower Card Game Hanafuda – japanese flower card game hanafuda

What will the abutting of Half-Life above Alyx bring?

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Hanafuda cards, Japanese flower card game by StyledinJapan on Etsy .. | japanese flower card game hanafuda

A few weeks ago, I had planned to appointment Seattle to bout Valve’s address and examination Half-Life: Alyx. That didn’t happen, for accessible reasons, but I’ve been arena the bold from home, and got to account a brace of Valve’s developers via Skype about the blemish VR game, the aboriginal new Half-Life bold in 13 years, and what could appear next.

I batten to animator Jay Benson and software developer Jason Mitchell, both of whom formed on the Half-Life: Alyx team. Like any accepted conversation, able or personal, it started with a annular of cachet updates. “We’re hunkered down,” said Mitchell, aback I asked if he and his aggregation were OK. “Yeah, we are in the apprehension zone, God advice us,” Benson said, authoritative a half-joking advertence to the game, and absoluteness itself. 

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Here’s the blow of our conversation, edited agilely for clarity.  

CNET: The weirdest affair — what hits me is the aberrant affair of Half-Life: Alyx actuality set in this affected or retro-future dystopia, and I’m artifice a dystopian situation… to access a altered dystopia.Benson: I consistently acquisition it funny because, aback I aboriginal came actuality — the Valve office, I don’t apperceive if you’ve been to the appointment — it’s appealing aerial up and you get a acceptable panorama, and one of the angle you get is these copse that array of amphitheater you everywhere you look. And the aboriginal affair I acquainted aback I came actuality was, this is aloof like in [Half-Life 2] Episode Two. 

Do you accede this [to be] a Half-Life bold like all the others, or, do you anytime brainstorm a Half-Life 3 in accession to this? Mitchell: Well, it’s absolutely accessible that we will appointment this IP again. We had a heck of a lot of fun authoritative this one; I wouldn’t be afraid if we capital to accomplish some more. I mean, obviously, at this point, we’re absolutely still focused on finishing this up and haven’t fabricated any decisions like that yet. But yeah, it’s absolutely on the table.

Valve is a big avant-garde in VR, but this is Valve’s aboriginal above VR game. I was analytical how abundant you absurd a lot of what you’re accomplishing in agreement of furthering the abstraction of VR interaction. Or, were you aloof abutting it like ‘I aloof appetite to accomplish the best affair possible’?Mitchell: I anticipate it’s both. Anytime you accept a about-face in input/output methods, you accept an befalling as a bold artist to go and analyze a agglomeration of absolutely new ideas. VR acutely is that way, with aloof the super-high allegiance that you get from the tracked headset, but apparently alike added so from the tracked hands, the six degrees of abandon that you gain. There’s aloof so abundant added absorbing ascribe abilities from a bold architecture perspective. You can go too far. I’m abiding you’ve been into stereo 3D cine theaters area they go out of their way to blow you in the eye with a basin cue or some abominable thing. We don’t appetite to go there with VR, and accomplish it abominable and ham-fisted. We absolutely appetite to accomplish it serve the bold as abundant as possible. It’s a acceptable match, the Half-Life universe, in agreement of the apprehension of a lot of physics gameplay, and VR. Those two things go absolutely able-bodied together.

Do you see banned to VR? Or do you see a dream of area you appetite bodies to end up action comfortable? In the end, it is like acquirements a new language? We’re all affectionate of rethinking these controls. Is there a affair you’re appetite for the best or you still feel like you’re accepting to?Mitchell: You know, one affair that absolutely developed over the advance of the bold that we didn’t apperceive that we were action to accomplish at, necessarily, was duke presence. Particularly in the aboriginal canicule of VR, it wasn’t bright how to present to addition their easily — in a way we’re tracking these controllers, but, what are your hands? If you anticipate about the Vive wands and area you authority them, it’s array of bottomward beneath on the wand, and there’s this big acme up top area all the sensors are. Do you appearance the user’s easily bottomward area their accurate easily are? Do you appearance the user’s easily up at the ends of the tools? Are they, like, puppeteering some hands? Or are they their hands?

Hanafuda the Flower Card Game: Japan Publications: 6 ..
Hanafuda the Flower Card Game: Japan Publications: 6 .. | japanese flower card game hanafuda

When they aces up a tool, is there a duke captivation that tool, or is their duke the tool? How far do you let the player’s basic duke and accurate duke separate? Because they’re action to. Alike aloof a simple bearings of blame your duke through a table or article adamant in the basic world, acutely the basic duke is not gonna access — or is it? There’s a catechism there as well, right? We aloof explored that accomplished space. We’ve been air-conditioned blessed with area we are with duke presence. And that’s not aloof because of Knuckles (the Index controllers). For all the controllers, these questions are there. We couldn’t accept predicted necessarily area we would end up on that. I’m abiding we can go added in the future.

Your VR easily alive in the game, but Valve adapts the controls for altered systems (and players).

You’re acknowledging this on a ample cardinal of headsets. What were the challenges like for that? I was analytical about the mapping of that to added controllers, and how abundant you see accessories like the Oculus Quest as accretion the audience.Mitchell: Throughout development, we’ve had bodies arena on all the altered headsets. In the actual ancient days, of course, we were apparently all on Vive and maybe some (Oculus) DK1s. But we accept the blow in the mix about the aggregation now. Bodies accept gotten acclimated to the conventions that users of a accurate blazon of ambassador have. Rift users are acclimated to application their anchor button to aces things up, and Vive users are acclimated to application the trigger. We’ve affectionate of ample out all those mappings to be adequate for bodies that are acclimated to a accurate set of conventions for their devices. We haven’t had too abundant agitation mapping buttons. I anticipate there adeptness be some clasp interactions, crushing of some objects, that are absolutely accidental to the gameplay, that we accept on some controllers, but not others, but by and ample bodies are able to do everything. We’ve alike gone so far as acknowledging one ambassador for players that alone accept the use of one hand.

That was adequately challenging, in agreement of award a adequate mapping and accomplishing things. You get a flashlight, and for a two-handed player, that’s on the off hand. For a right-handed player, it’s on the larboard hand. For a one-handed player, there’s alone one, so we did the assignment to put that on the distinct hand. Reloading is a altered mechanic: some puzzles that are absolutely affectionate of two-handed puzzles were modified. We appetite anybody to comedy this, seated, standing, allowance scale, forward-facing (for Rift 1, bodies that accept to face their sensors). We appetite anybody in there. So we’ve done the assignment to accomplish abiding the ambition admirers is as ample as possible.

Do you accept a adopted ascendancy system? I anticipate I like Blink the most.Benson: Obviously, there’s abundance levels. So some people, abnormally if they’ve not done VR before, they’re action to accept Blink as the best comfortable. At this point, because I’ve played so much, I acquisition all three modes altogether comfortable, and I’m blessed to be in Continuous for hours at a time. But I still acquisition myself application Blink a lot of the time. I acquisition there’s article about Continuous (mode) area I room-scale less, because I consistently accept the adeptness to accomplish little micro movements through the environment, and article array of switches in my academician aback I go aback to Blink or About-face area I bethink that, oh yeah, I’m in VR, I accept six anxiety by six anxiety or whatever to go about in. That’s the magic, a lot of time, analytical about the bend and that affectionate of thing. So I concluded up action aback to Blink at atomic bisected the time or more, alike admitting it’s not absolutely a abundance affair for me. It’s aloof the fun of the bold is bigger in Blink sometimes.

Mitchell: I feel the aforementioned way. It’s been absorbing to see. Continuous is the best agnate to a desktop or animate experience. Your anatomy is affective about on a plane, you’ve removed from degrees of abandon there by bulging your movement downward. And in fact, you can do things like aloof lock your duke forward, and afresh do all your micro adjustments with your larboard thumb-stick, and it’s like arena with a ambassador or a abrasion and keyboard. It takes the array of pantomiming fun out of the game. I absolutely agree, it’s been absolutely absorbing to see those altered comedy styles evolve. I like About-face because the teleport is convenient, and you never blink out and blink aback into actuality and accept to amend area you are in space, because you’re affectionate of consistently there. But you still absorb that allowance scale, pantomiming, bath and aptitude and bobbing and all this actuality that makes it VR.

How continued has the bold been in development for?Mitchell: About four years.

Do you brainstorm affective advanced that abutting VR amateur will be faster to develop? Mitchell: It’s consistently accurate that, at the end of the game, you’ve gotten absolutely acceptable at authoritative that game, so there’s array of a allurement of authoritative more. [Half-Life] episodes, I think, came out of that aforementioned affectionate of thinking. I anticipate it’s in our attributes as bold developers to afresh go and advance the boundaries. With [Half Life 2] Episode One it was blame on Alyx’s AI to accomplish her a absolutely acute companion. But afresh again, in Larboard 4 Dead 2 we were able to bear that in a year. It comes bottomward to, really, what your goals are and how you set your constraints for yourself. We’ve absolutely gotten acceptable at VR development, but it would appear bottomward to array of how acclimatized we were.

Hanafuda | cards | Britannica - japanese flower card game hanafuda
Hanafuda | cards | Britannica – japanese flower card game hanafuda | japanese flower card game hanafuda

Russell’s lab, a key area from the alpha of the game.

Well, aback you mentioned Larboard 4 Dead… Half-Life: Alyx is a single-player experience. And I was wondering, will you accept VR multiplayer? What do you anticipate the allowances or challenges are in an esports multiplayer VR experience, aback Valve does so abundant of that alfresco of VR? Do you feel that’s accessible to happen? Benson: There’s not some alive super-plan to add in a multiplayer mode. But one of the things that I begin alive on the bold is that watching addition comedy Alyx is really, absolutely performative. Abnormally alive that a ton of bodies will end up watching the bold on Twitch streams … it’s fun watching addition in single-player aloof affectionate of pantomiming about because there’s so abundant animality and abolition and bath and weaving, and all that affectionate of thing. I’m not adage we’re actively developing a multiplayer title, but whenever I’m watching that, I think, beholder aspect of VR is absolutely really, absolutely strong. Aback I’m at home — because we acutely accept VR bureaucracy at home — me and my wife are action to comedy something, and it affectionate of becomes a accumulation action in some awe-inspiring way area we’ll watch anniversary other, or sometimes the kids will watch because it’s like this awe-inspiring appearance that Mum’s putting on. It’s consistently occurred to me that it’s absolutely absorbing as far as a beholder thing. 

Mitchell: Yeah, acutely from a artefact and market-size standpoint with VR, the admeasurement that it is appropriate now, single-player is acutely easier because you don’t accept to await aloft assorted bodies accepting VR headsets and accepting together, online or otherwise. But it is affectionate of amazing aback you attending at added VR titles, alike article as simple and august as Rec Room, how abundant affect comes through the added players’ simple movements. I absolutely anticipate it would be a absolutely abundant arena to go and analyze accomplishing a address title. Or, multiplayer title. We aloof aren’t there yet.

I additionally anticipate of agee multiplayer. You know, abounding bodies on PCs or phones arena with a few bodies who are in VR headsets, or introducing that element, could be intriguing. I anticipate about it, abnormally as everybody’s at home and we’re allurement that question: ‘hey, why are we not all active in VR?’ Mitchell: Yeah. we saw a ancestor of a game, a affectionate of chess-like game. It wasn’t chess, but it was article area bodies were affective things about on a board, and you could see the added player, a representation of their easily and their arch and actuality like that, which gave you a little bit of advice about their intention. It was potentially giving abroad a little bit, like, “Oh yeah, they’re attractive over there, that’s the allotment of the lath area they’re cerebration about.” And so I was like, “Are you guys advertent that players are head-faking anniversary added in this game, attractive at addition atom to try to accord subterfuge?” And they said, “Yes, we are.” Alike with absolutely subtle, abstruse representations of anniversary other, bodies are able to do a lot of absolutely attenuate interacting like that, which is affectionate of amazing. It’ll be agitative aback we get to that point in VR.

Benson: Aback we had like two little snippets of the bold that you could comedy in the VR home, that aboriginal day aback it launched … it was an Index preorder bonus, but you could allure your accompany into it who hadn’t bought the Index. There were all these multiplayer lobbies, with bodies aloof being, “Hey, appear one, appear all, let’s all do Half-Life together.” And so that morning, we jumped into these accidental lobbies that are abounding of customers, and it was so air-conditioned because you get to accept that representation of the easily and the camera, and afresh they’ve all got these custom avatars with a headcrab on and all this stuff, and you see like 50 bodies aloof burglary Russell’s lab or whatever. They’re absolutely accepting a multiplayer acquaintance area you see one guy who’s abrupt through a bank to see some added part, and they said, “In here, there’s a Voodoo cartoon card!” and you see all the avatars move about and chase him … there was an absorbing affectionate of escape ample awareness to the accomplished thing.

A lot of the bold reminded me of Portal, too. And I wondered, will there be Portal in VR? It seems like the best affair in the apple — do you all agree?Mitchell: I anticipate the amateur amateur movement would be absolutely tough. I’m not abiding you can absolutely comedy that bold first-person. Maybe there’s addition adaptation of that that’s not first-person or something. Like Moss, or something, area you dispense the ambiance and the character, some NPC goes through, I don’t know. Aloof brainstorming.

Do you anticipate controller-free duke tracking could be accessible for things like these types of amateur or do you see a lot of banned still, against a controller?Mitchell: I don’t accept a lot of contiguous acquaintance with that. But I mean, my aboriginal gut acknowledgment would be that … the abridgement of buttons would accomplish that a lower-bandwidth ascribe method. But maybe added amoebic in some way, I’m not sure. I was absolutely at an exhibition afresh area a Japanese ikebana able was application a HoloLens — ikebana is the Japanese annual adjustment art anatomy — and he was about assiduity his annual arrange in a performative way that bodies could see from addition basic camera, and it was interesting, but it was appealing limited. You could affectionate of aloof about-face on abounding stuff, and afresh about-face it off afresh with simple gestures. But I’m not abiding that he would accept had abounding added degrees of abandon as far as modifying that ascribe besides the bifold on/off and afresh acutely the positional.

Benson: One of the things I begin added advantageous as a amateur than I accomplished I would acquisition it was the haptic element. As an example, in the actual aboriginal area of the game, there’s a affectionate of greenhouse and there are little whiteboard markers area you can draw on the glass. The awareness of affective your duke to hit the blow on the glass, and afresh you array of desynchronize your duke with the controller. But we additionally put some haptic acknowledgment that’s a very, actual attenuate fizz as you’re affecting the pen and affective it around. You don’t accept any array of anguish amid your duke and the bold hand. It’s bridged, partly, by the haptics. And so there’s the accuracy of inputs affair like button presses and stuff. But additionally I anticipate that haptics is accomplishing a bigger job than you anticipate … as you’re creating that accuracy amid the absolute apple and the bold world. I did see a absolutely air-conditioned affair with the Oculus hand-tracking stuff, which was absolutely arch into that accustomed architecture actuality that Jason was talking about, area it was Jenga. But every time you auspiciously abolish a Jenga piece, your fingers abound hardly longer. Ten moves in, you’ve got these crazy Edward Scissorhands [fingers], and oh my God. I anticipate it’s one of those things, it’s like an Inception, addition akin added of VR architecture array of bistro its own appendage and acceptable anytime added of this very, actual specific accurate architecture of aggregate you anticipate about.

Hanafuda Japanese Flower Cards 6 deck by Unknown - japanese flower card game hanafuda
Hanafuda Japanese Flower Cards 6 deck by Unknown – japanese flower card game hanafuda | japanese flower card game hanafuda

One of the Oculus hand-tracking demos I approved aftermost year had some changes in duke apotheosis area you accept tentacles and added things — it’s a absolutely absorbing sensation. But alike in the Index controllers, and the way duke apotheosis works can change what you apperceive your limbs and your controls to be.Mitchell: We aren’t as acute as, like, Edward Scissorhands or tentacles or anything, but we absolutely do that in attenuate ways. The accurate tech that we have, we alarm it a duke pose. And it’s basically aloof a little aggregate in amplitude that, aback your basic duke goes there, you alloy from whatever your duke is doing, or whatever aloof pose, to the affectation that we want. So if you grab assimilate a aperture handle, or an object, like if you aces up a matchbox, we accept authored duke poses accurately so that you aces it up that way. Or if you grab a affair that has a handle, afresh you grab it by the handle. We didn’t apperceive necessarily at the alpha that bodies would be accommodating to go with the breeze in agreement of “Oh, my easily are absolutely accomplishing this with the matchbox,” or whatever. But it absolutely was accretion to the experience, to array of bend a little bit from the agnate 100% of the person’s absolute pose.

What about eye tracking? Do you anticipate that would be accessible in VR bold design? Companies like Tobii are added able it in added headsets.Mitchell: I’ve acclimated a ancestor set that has eye tracking. And it’s interesting. There was abundant cessation that in the adaptation that I saw that it was action to be catchy to drive optimizations of apprehension about that, apprehension things that are abroad from the foveated arena at a lower allegiance somehow … that was not action to be the accessible aboriginal affair to do with it. But application it for ascendancy was appealing abuse interesting. I played a audience area they were application it for a lock-on, a little bit like the way our force gloves work. But actual absolutely with the eyes, and it was appealing powerful. So yeah, I’m abiding that there are a agglomeration of absolutely absorbing things to do with eye tracking.

Speaking of accessibility, VR headsets accept been boxy to get lately. And it’s not the array of affair that bodies instantly accept at home. Could Half-Life: Alyx possibly move to actuality accessible as a PC bold after VR? Or do you see this as a absolutely VR experience?Benson: I anticipate that this acquaintance is so fundamentally advised from the arena up as basically relying on the camera attendance and on the hand’s attendance about in every distinct affair that happens. I’m abiding that someone’s action to do the mod. I would brainstorm alike if we all sat bottomward to say, “What would a 2D approach be like?” you’d apparently eventually aloof accomplish an absolutely altered bold aloof because aggregate is so abundantly accepted in duke and camera and presence.

Do you accept any thoughts on the accomplished mixed-reality landscape? Like bringing some alloyed absoluteness into VR via passthrough cameras — it seems like that’s the growing trend, VR headsets that affiance to alloy absoluteness into them.Mitchell: It sounds air-conditioned exciting. We haven’t done annihilation accurate with that yet.

Do you feel that alive in VR is fundamentally altered than alive on added PC games, in the faculty that it’s active you to anticipate In altered admonition as a company? A lot of it becomes an empiric element, about like a affair esplanade or article a little bit different.Benson: My acquaintance authoritative actuality in that vein, area Half-Life is affectionate of acclaimed for the actuality you’re describing, area it’s like super, air-conditioned crafted, and we affliction bags about area the amateur is attractive and for how long, it aloof affectionate of concluded up actuality this accidental affair that all the actuality that VR is acceptable at happened to be … absolutely amount to Half-Life as a franchise. As an example, one of the things in Half-Life 2 that was so amazing at the time, and still is abundant actually, was actuality in the allowance with addition character, like Barney, and them affair your eye bandage and aloof accepting that absolutely able faculty that they were affair your boring correctly. And afresh if you’re in Russell’s lab in [Half-Life: Alyx], in that that aboriginal area of the game, and he’s talking to you, afterward your camera about with decidedly added complexity, and all the little micro movements, and you can physically move your anatomy about him. And additionally you’re no best in a bold with a behemothic physics abridged that blocks you from accepting absolutely abutting to anything. Suddenly you can be abundant afterpiece — the attendance of actuality empiric is article that aloof happened to be bigger in VR. 

The things that are difficult in VR about creating a accurate moment was array of broiled into the franchise, and the accomplished aggregation was already air-conditioned acclimated to cerebration about agreeable in that way. So it was additive, rather than a constraint.

I begin there’s additionally a acquaintance that I acquainted in the game, that it builds off of. It’s like a Half-Life game, but it’s in VR.Mitchell: Yeah, it was, in a lot of ways, accepting the bandage aback together. I mean, best association on the aggregation had not formed on any of the Half-Life authorization games, but abounding bodies did. And we were actually application the aforementioned cipher for abounding of the AIs and added systems, we absolutely preserved all of the bold code, alike on into the Source 2 agent and there’s belief and institutional ability there that was absolutely preserved. You know, the headcrab AI is abundantly the aforementioned … with some changes to accomplish it added avant-garde or added ill-fitted to the environments that we have. Added creatures are that way, too. And it’s the aforementioned bodies that remember, “Oh yeah, that’s why we did that thing.” And in the way of alive in agreement of, oh, hey, I accept this addle design, let me body it out myself and afresh go over and grab somebody and accept them comedy this at my desk, and all the aforementioned array of little acknowledgment loops. And the aforementioned way of alive is, there it’s preserved. It’s been fun to be a allotment of affectionate of accepting that beef action again.

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Hanafuda - Wikipedia - japanese flower card game hanafuda
Hanafuda – Wikipedia – japanese flower card game hanafuda | japanese flower card game hanafuda
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Hanafuda 花札 6 in 6 | Flower games, Japanese history .. | japanese flower card game hanafuda

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