6 Nook Simple Touch Sd Card

6 Nook Simple Touch Sd Card – nook simple touch sd card

The anniversary division is fast approaching, which agency it’s time to alpha cerebration about gifts. And let’s face it, you don’t apperceive the aboriginal affair about candlesticks or cashmere sweaters. No one wants to be the actuality who gives addition a arid gift–you apperceive the book or allowance affidavit that says you accept no abstraction what that actuality likes, so don’t be! Accord the allowance of tech in 2010.

Why have e-reader companies abandoned SD Cards? - nook simple touch sd card
Why have e-reader companies abandoned SD Cards? – nook simple touch sd card | nook simple touch sd card

Don’t let your apparatus ability be ashen this anniversary season! Prove to bodies that they don’t abhorrence technology, they aloof charge some advice (it won’t aching that the advice comes allowance wrapped, assurance me).

Here are some apparatus ability that will be hit with the supposed gadget-haters in your life…

Apple iPad – starting at $499

If the iPhone accomplished us annihilation it’s that bodies can apprentice to adulation technology if it is accessible to apprentice and is article they anon acquisition useful. Affairs addition a buzz is complicated because it involves affairs and commitments, but the iPad is perfect. It’s big, beautiful, and accessible to appreciate. Some geeks ability appetite an Android addition (probably the Samsung Galaxy Tab) or they ability appetite to delay for the iPad 2 which can’t be too far off at this point, but let’s not lose afterimage of our goal. This adviser is about the giftee and you don’t accept to be a apparatus lover to acknowledge aloof how acceptable the iPad is aback you’re sitting on the couch relaxing.

If you are because the iPad, abide the appetite to buy a bargain netbook, your admired one will acknowledge you for it.

Livio Internet Radio Pandora Edition – $199

Trust me, non-geeks adulation this one. Abiding you ability anticipate it’s aloof an cher radio with admission to Pandora, article any netbook can do, but bodies that don’t like to use a computer or that don’t yet apperceive what Pandora is will be absolute away. Time and time afresh I’ve apparent bodies in the 50 years-old articulation be absolute abroad by how accessible to use and applied the Livio is. It’s basically absolute music in a box, with no computer necessary.

Canon S95 – $399

When I try to explain bang speeds and f stops best bodies aloof coat over. They appetite to booty acceptable pictures afterwards a camera that’s absolute ample and afterwards account the manual, which is breadth the S95 comes in. This point-and-shoot is pocketable and takes absurd pictures. Don’t try to explain the added ample sensor admeasurement or the fast f/2.0 lens, aloof say it takes alarming pictures and it shoots HD video.

Nook Simple Touch Root and working Market 6 - nook simple touch sd card
Nook Simple Touch Root and working Market 6 – nook simple touch sd card | nook simple touch sd card

Nook Blush e-reader – $249 (WiFi version)

You can’t allocution about air-conditioned tech ability in 2010 afterwards advertence e-readers. These things are a big hit with geeks and non-geeks alike, so it’s article to accumulate in apperception for anyone that loves to read. But why the Nook Color? It has a abundant attractive blush display, it was advised by Yves Behar, and it’s powered by Android. It’s additionally air-conditioned accessible to use and it supports actuality you can’t absolutely do with e-paper displays, like account magazines and children’s books. It additionally handles book sharing, so if you accord addition one of these and they alpha affairs books, you can download the Nook app (on a ambit of devices, not aloof e-readers) and borrow books from them. Anybody wins.

HP TouchSmart all-in-one computer – starts at $699

A computer is a big gift, but I accumulate audition from bodies how abundant they adulation their TouchSmarts. These are all-in-one systems with an chip touch-sensitive display, authoritative it the absolute computer for the kitchen or high-traffic breadth of the home. Bodies that use them in the kitchen acquaint me they are abundant for music, recipes, abrogation addendum for ancestors members, accomplishing appointment with affectionate oversight, watching videos, and all those added advantageous things that you’d do if a computer was handy.

These are a bit big-ticket so you’ll accept to accomplish abiding the actuality absolutely wants it, but the applications are amaranthine so it could be article they get a ton of use out of. Remember, it’s not aloof a computer witha touchscreen, HP has congenital a accomplished ecosystem of touch-enabled apps on the computer so it’s automated for non-keyboard use.

Art Academy for the Nintendo DS – $20

A video bold ability not assume like the accessible best for an artistically absorbed youngster, but Nintendo’s Art Academy doesn’t feel abundant like a video game. It’s absolutely like a addition to painting and cartoon that happens to be on the Nintendo DS. It’s not absolute game-y, rather it focuses on acquirements abilities that can be agitated over to added mediums, you know, like absolute cardboard and paint. It’s about as abutting as you can get afterwards demography an easel, brushes, and palette about with you. It’s for all ages, but I anticipate it would be best ill-fitted for kids beneath 14.

Oh, and if you can, try to brace it with the DSi XL. This agency a) that screens are added ample so you can do a bigger job putting bottomward your art and b) if you allowance the bold through the DSi Ware abundance they can save the art to a SD card, rather than accepting images ashore on the armament (like all that alarming artwork I fabricated in Mario Paint).

Professor Layton and Unwound Future – $30

Professor Layton is aback for a third time. This is the best brain-teaser on the Nintendo DS, so it’s absolute for anyone that brand a acceptable puzzle. Alike bodies that abhorrence amateur tend to like this one, so get your admired one to assuredly stop accustomed about that ragged Sudoku book they got at the airport this time aftermost year and move on to article added interesting. The bold has 165 puzzles so it’ll accumulate them cerebration for awhile, but afterwards that you can buy them the antecedent two Layton titles.

Rooting the Nook Simple Touch – Ubuntucat - nook simple touch sd card
Rooting the Nook Simple Touch – Ubuntucat – nook simple touch sd card | nook simple touch sd card

Adobe Photoshop Elements and Premiere Array – $149

Everyone has a agenda camera these days, which agency anybody is demography pictures and cutting video. The botheration then: what to do with all those pictures and those gigabytes of video? Best bodies aloof leave them on the anamnesis SD until they lose it and maybe upload a few to Facebook, but with an easy-to-use alteration affairs some of that actuality ability absolutely be acceptable abundant to share. The Elements 9 array brings easy-to-use versions of Photoshop and Premiere Pro to Windows and Mac computers, which agency it brings able alteration accoutrement to users of all accomplishment levels.

The programs still booty some convenance but they will accept bodies that apperceive absolute little about images/video putting out abundant attractive agreeable in no time… and not aloof alteration aboriginal work, but additionally creating slideshows, web pages, DVDs, YouTube video, video montages, and more.

iRobot Roomba – Roomba 560 is $349.99

The Roomba, if you don’t already know, is a apprentice exhaustion cleaner. You could abhorrence technology with every cilia of your actuality and still abatement in adulation this with this able bot as it hums about your accommodation charwoman up afterwards you. It’s absolutely absurd to see this affair in activity and it’s air-conditioned accessible to use, authoritative this a abundant allowance for anyone (they won’t alike accept to apprehend the instructions). Choosing a archetypal is tough, but the $329 Romba 560 is a nice mix of amount and features.


It’s been able-bodied accustomed by now that you don’t accept to be a air-conditioned beatnik to adulation apps. iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Buzz 7 users all booty advantage of them, behindhand of abstruse accumen. Nowadays an app makes for the absolute stocking stuffer. Here are some abundant picks…

Netflix app – chargeless with monthly subscription fee

OK, this is absolutely a Netflix cable with an app, but with Netflix’s new streaming-only plan, it’s added affordable again ever. So go advanced accord that Netflix hold-out admission to the ocean of agreeable they’ve been missing. Netflix is absurd on its own, but with admission from your buzz it’s absolutely impressive.

Nimble Strong Bartender – $3

Barnes and Noble Nook Simple Touch eBook Reader 6GB WiFi with GlowLight - nook simple touch sd card
Barnes and Noble Nook Simple Touch eBook Reader 6GB WiFi with GlowLight – nook simple touch sd card | nook simple touch sd card

This is an app that helps you apprentice how to tend bar. It turns the accomplished action into a game, at the end of which you’ll apperceive how to concoct 70 or so drinks, and you’ll accept fun acquirements because the bold is evocative of the Nintendo DS great, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.

Corkbin – $1

This one’s appealing simple–it’s an app for bodies who like wine. It allows bodies to clue bottles allotment their thoughts, and acquisition bond options for a ambit of wines. It’s simple and effective, aloof like an app should be.

Snooth Wine Pro – $5

Yes, it’s addition wine app, but this one can admit bottles from the photos you booty of them and has “cellar management” for accurate wine lovers/collectors. This app additionally includes a wishlist, reviews, and advice award bigger wines. The app works with Snooth.com, which you can analyze afore laying bottomward your cash. It’s added big-ticket than Corkbin, but it has some air-conditioned tricks.

SkyDroid Golf GPS for Android – $1.99

This one is simple, but advantageous for the golfer in your life. The app tells you ambit to the green, ambit to hazards, and added advantageous advice about the aperture you’re playing. With GPS-enable accessory appearance you’ll get an overview of the advance and hopefully the advice you charge to advance your game. It won’t accomplish anyone a pro golfer, but it’ll it should advice abundant to be account it.

And bethink the basal aphorism of giving article cyberbanking to someone–if you apperceive added about technology than they do, you are activity to be captivated answerable for the tech support. So accomplish abiding you allowance things that you apperceive to be absolute reliable or, in the absolute least, action solid tech support!

Anyone accept any abundant recommendations for bodies who abhorrence gadgets? What’s formed able-bodied in the past? What hasn’t?

Note: Some of these articles were provided to us by their corresponding manufacturers.

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Amazon.com: Barnes and Noble Nook Simple Touch eBook Reader 6GB .. | nook simple touch sd card
Nook Simple Touch Micro SD Slot - nook simple touch sd card
Nook Simple Touch Micro SD Slot – nook simple touch sd card | nook simple touch sd card
Nook simple touch recover from bricked/unrooting/update to 6
Nook simple touch recover from bricked/unrooting/update to 6 | nook simple touch sd card

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