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We afresh hosted one AMA with Presearch, on 6th March 6.30 PM UTC. Abounding of you ability accept alternate or abounding of not. But we accomplish abiding no one absent out from the ability aggregate by Colin Pape, CEO Presearch. So actuality we are up with AMA transcript, for those who absent the alive session, this blog column will be saver & agriculturalist of ability for them.

Introduction Catechism Asked By BlockTalks

1– We appear an overview of Presearch, but still we would like to apprehend What is Presearch & who is Colin? Please acquaint yourself to the community.

Colin Pape –

Ans — I’m the architect and CEO of Presearch.

We’re architecture a decentralized chase engine, powered by the association at https://presearch.org.

Presearch pays you in PRE tokens aback you search, and advertisers buy PRE to pale the keywords they’d like to be begin under.

We launched the activity in 2017 with a acknowledged badge auction and accept aback had added than 1.35 actor bodies join, and they currently do added than 10 actor searches per month.

Our eyes to to actualize a chase agent that the apple can await on as an admission point for the internet after bias, agendas or censorship.

Currently one aggregation controls added than 90% of the chase space. It’s acutely centralized. And there is absolute little accuracy or association engagement, admitting the appulse they accept on our admission to information. We anticipate it’s time to change that!

Thank you! Yes! Chase is abundantly important, both from a amusing standpoint and economically. It is at the top end of best of our advice quests and acquirement journeys. What chase engines acknowledgment has a amazing admission on the world.

I’m absolute abundant a libertarian, and I’m aflame about the befalling that blockchain provides us to booty aback ascendancy of our data, and to accumulate voluntarily to actualize the casework we want, in a way that respects our individuality, rewards our accord and provides us with an befalling to accord to the process, and not aloof sit aback as acquiescent consumers that are fed things by bodies who accept agendas we may not accede with.

2 — Explain about Presearch technology, what’s the action abaft creating a chase agent which pays for searching?

Ans — In 2011, we woke up one morning in July and all of our ShopCity sites had been penalized and pushed assimilate folio 8 of Google’s results.

We had no abstraction why, and there was no way to get a resolution to the affair besides putting PR burden on them by accommodating in an FTC anti-trust analysis and assembly testimony. We accomplished aloof how abundant ability they had over the internet, and how the apple absolutely bare an addition chase agent that was powered by the community, with a greater amount of accuracy and accord from alfresco individuals.

So we concluded up architecture a ancestor for Presearch in backward 2013, aboriginal 2014 at https://presear.ch. We acclimated the tagline ‘the Switzerland of search’. We didn’t aloof appetite to actualize a chase engine, but a band aloft chase engines that would accredit you to calmly absolute your concern into the chase agent of your choice, finer levelling the arena acreage and enabling may chase providers to accept admission to users.

3 — What are the aloft milestones Presearch accomplished so far & what’s are in the approaching pipeline?

Ans — Presearch had a acknowledged crowdsale in 2017, bringing in added than $7 million, and attacting some absolutely high-quality admiral to the team.

We afresh launched a artefact as planned on November 9th, 2017 which has aback become one of the top 5 blockchain projects on the web by traffic.

We’ve developed an anti-abuse arrangement to absolute the appulse of bodies aggravating to bold the system. Created assorted browser extensions and adaptable apps that now accept added than 10 actor queries per month.

And afresh bankrupt the bend on our badge abridgement with https://keywords.presearch.org, our Keyword Staking platform.

Lots of added abundant actuality in between, but those are some of the highlights.

Moving forward, we are alive for accumulation acceptance and see the activity as one of the top on-ramps into crypto for accustomed people, and we’re targeting 5m registered users by the end of the year.

We accept a new adaptable app for iOS about the corner, and a cardinal of absorbing artefact developments all geared at enabling us to ability added users.

Ultimately, the eyes is to body a framework for a absolutely decentralized, accessible antecedent and cellophane chase agent that is powered by web crawlers that will accomplish on nodes run by users who will clamber the web as they cream and be adored in PRE. This advice will afresh be candy by addition band of nodes that will body the abstracts index, and it will be served on a decentralized belvedere like IPFS.

Subject amount experts will be able to participate in the creation, acquiescence and curation of information, while designers will be able to actualize differnt UIs to anticipate abstracts that users will be able to accept from.

We anticipate a belvedere that leverages alive personalization, breadth you specify your preferences and ascendancy that information, rather than us accession it irenic and authoritative inferences about you based on your behaviour.

Question Asked in Twitter For Colin Pape!

Q1. Aback its comes to competition, DuckDuckGo seems like your abutting one. How Preserach is bigger than it? admired the accomplishing of CMC.

Ans — Yes, DuckDuckGo is acceptable our abutting competitor, admitting there are abounding privacy-focused chase engines that are successful, including Qwant, StartPage, Searx. Chase is a massive and advantageous space, and there’s allowance for abounding players. DDG is allegedly on clue to do 1 billion dollars in acquirement this year already.

We differentiate ourselves in a brace of key ways:

We accolade bodies with PRE tokens aback they search

As you mentioned, we accept a crypto affiliation that provides bodies with advice on blockchain projects aback they chase them by name.

Additionally, we accomplish it accessible for users to about-face amid abounding chase engines and abysmal chase specific assets like CoinMarketCap and Etherscan

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Additionally, because we’re set up as a multi-search UI, we can absolutely assignment with any of these altered engines, and there’s alike a token-denominated acquirement befalling for engines to get listed in Presearch.

Our provider offerings can be begin here:

Q2. What problems did you face aback aggravating to apparatus your artefact in alive businesses ? Is it adamantine to explain to accepted non-crypto bodies what is Presearch and what are the advantages of application it ?

Ans — The easiest way to explain Presearch is to say that it’s a chase agent that pays you aback you use it that additionally respects your abstracts and privacy.

Most bodies can blanket their alive about that, and afresh you can get into added conversations and acknowledgment their added questions from there.

The adorableness of this project, and why we accept so abundant usage, is that anybody searches. It’s one of the top activities on the web, and it’s article that anybody does understand.

Unlike abounding blockchain projects that are absolute difficult to understand, are targeted carefully at developers and technologists, Presearch is appealing basic, has a alive artefact that creates amount for people, is already assisting and is an on-ramp to crypto for new users.

We’ve faced abounding problems, but one of the bigger was absolutely bodies aggravating to corruption the belvedere and acreage tokens by aloof beat on the chase button over and over again. We spent added than bisected a year developing an anti-abuse arrangement that now works absolutely well. We additionally had to bear bags of complaints from bodies aggravating to corruption the system, and afresh agitated that we wouldn’t let them. Fortunately, we accept a absolutely able association and abundant assurance with abounding of our users and so we were able to angle close and acclimate the storm.

Q3. Can the aggregation ensure that Presearch will charcoal top abode in the chase agent acreage and accumulate abode advanced of your competitors in the future?

Ans — I accept we can. We already accept a cogent first-mover advantage and one of the alone alive badge ecosystems, with an absolute bankrupt bend accumulation and address badge economy.

We accept all of the elements we charge to abound rapidly now in abode and now we’re alive apparatus to advance mode. Lots of bodies still aren’t application Presearch, or they’ve approved it and charge a admonition to analysis it out again. We’re aiming for 5m users by the end of the year which will crave an advancing advance strategy.

One of the aftermost missing links for the activity should be in abode afore the end of March. Afresh it’s absolutely go-time! 🙂

The nice affair is that with our multi-search model, if addition chase belvedere ancestor up, we can accommodate them into Presearch and accredit bodies to acquire PRE aback they chase them.

Q4. With blockchain actuality such a adolescent industry, partnerships are an basic basic of any project’s journey. Which types of partnerships accept Presearch already accomplished and what are the affairs on this advanced affective advanced ?

Ans — Partnerships are absolutely important, so continued as they are absolutely anatomic partnerships and not aloof hype-oriented, admitting those accept a abode as well.

Obviously, an ideal affiliation would be with Brave, and we are advancing one actively.

We were afresh contacted by Unstoppable Domains because they saw a abundant fit with Presearch, and there are some able synergies there.

We plan to accomplice with Everipedia to alter our Wikipedia affiliation with theirs.

We’ve invested in a activity alleged RightMesh that is architecture a cobweb networking belvedere that could absolutely advice decentralize internet access.

We are actuality approached on a added approved abject due to our cogent user abject by both crypto projects and acceptable companies. AdMarketplace.com contacted us this anniversary and we did a alarm with them. There are some abundant synergies there.

We’re aloof accepting started and are aflame to assignment with abounding altered organizations to advice advance the chat about decentralized search.

One of the bigger opportunities is for us to accommodate branded and customized chase adventures to altered communities (interest-based and geographical) so that they can accept their own altered adaptation of Presearch tailored to their members. Association leaders and influencers can advance their specific accomplishing of Presearch to their arrangement and acquire PRE while creating amount for everyone.

Q5. It’s 2020 & why still $PRE behaves like centralized, 24–72 hours for affairs confirmation? Why don’t you use chargeless technology or decentralized address for aloft transactions?

Ans — Thanks for the catechism — it’s absolutely a good, boxy one and one that we apprehend a lot from bodies agitated that withdrawals don’t appear instantly.

There are a brace of capital reasons, one actuality that the activity is still absolutely young, and clamminess is still building. Until it’s at a point breadth it’s tougher to dispense the amount of the token, we’re activity to charge to be able to anticipate bodies from accomplishing burning withdrawals, otherwise, they can appear in and try to blast the price, afresh buy PRE from our exchange (which is geared adjoin confined advertisers — we can’t apprehend anybody to acquirement on exchanges with crypto) at a huge discount. Currently, if addition tries to do that, we can stop them and affair a refund. Therefore, the allurement to do it is low and it isn’t absolutely a problem. As we are apprehension all the means bodies will try to dispense things, we can body out automatic systems and aback we’re assured that we’re absolute well-protected, afresh we can accredit things to accomplish added autonomously.

The aforementioned affair for those aggravating to bold badge rewards.

It’s the ultimate final band of aegis for the project. Best bodies don’t apperception and admit that it’s aloof breadth we’re at. We are appetite to do bigger though, and attending advanced to convalescent to the point breadth aggregate ‘just runs’. I apologize for the aggravation in the meantime.

Q6. I abhorrence Google as its dispense chase aftereffect & annal my behavior, sometimes irritates me. How Presearch protects my aloofness & chase behavior?

Ans — Presearch does not abundance your chase queries and does not use trackers for retargeting ads.

If you use Presearch Agent (https://engine.presearch.org) or addition privacy-focused chase agent like DuckDuckGo, you acquire crypto aback you chase and none of your advice is acclimated adjoin you.

We can’t do abundant to assure you aback you go out to sites like Google or assimilate the accepted internet, but we accept done dozens of videos affairs afar the aloofness and abstracts assimilation behavior of best of the Presearch providers.

Q7. Are you currently planning on implementing any new use cases for Presearch, in adjustment to alike added access the account of the token?

The primary address disciplinarian for PRE is our new Keyword Staking platform.

This arrangement enables you to pale your PRE adjoin a chat or byword and whoever stakes the best has their ad displayed aback a user searches for that appellation on Presearch.

We accept a accepted advance breadth all cartage accustomed amid now and January 2021 is free! So no amount per bang or amount per impression. It’s a appealing acute action for anyone business or aggravating to advance the chat about a business, associate action or alike a account they support.

Right now, we’re activity to absolutely focus on capturing amount for the badge abridgement there, and breeding address for ads by growing the user base.

The added capital use case on the address ancillary is our online store, which has commodity and casework denominated in PRE:


There you can acquisition all of the altered casework that we advertise to providers and sponsors, as able-bodied as buy Presearch gear.

We may aggrandize the added offers accessible in the abundance to accommodate breadth names (I own several thousand alone and through my added business, ShopCity), as able-bodied as licenses offered by ShopCity in our franchise-like program.

For added advice on the project, you can analysis out

Question Asked by our BlockTalks Association Associates during alive Affair Colin Pape!

Q . Aback the amount is actively DUMP, projects can lose their user community.

What is your plan to accomplish product-oriented association that abutment #PreSearch longterm?

Ans — Yes, we’ve already been through this and absolutely appear out stronger.

There was a bit of a alteration of PRE abundance in 2019 as some whales dumped and our best association associates were able to beat up PRE for absolute cheap. It absolutely formed out absolutely well.

As times got tough, we angled bottomward on association and were alike added alive in Telegram and our added channels than before.

We were advantageous to allure mainly bodies absorbed in the activity vs. aloof speculators because we didn’t anytime absolutely address to speculators and accept been added mission driven. We’ll accumulate activity on that path.

Q. I abstruse your activity from antecedent AMA and I fabricated my absence folio Presearch. As a Presearch user, I see that there is a adjournment in concern after-effects compared to Google. What is the acumen for this delay? Any plan to affected this delay

Ans — We accept heard of some delays depending on the user setup. Please affix with us in @presearch and we’ll try to advice you troubleshoot.

Q. With Presearch, every user is accepting PRE tokens aback he searches. Added users and added tokens go for rewards but aback the max accumulation will be 1B PRE, is this accessible that there will be not abundant tokens for rewards?What is your plan to accouterment this issue?

Ans — Ultimately, sponsors will acquirement PRE from absolute users to accolade users and will pay for those rewards directly, rather than advancing from the activity pool, as those will ultimately be depleted at some point. Aback it happens, the amount of the badge should absolutely be recognized. We don’t see any issues with absolutely alive out, however.

Q. Do you accede that centralized and decentralized platforms should coexist or is it bigger to drift now and always to decentralized platforms?

Ans — Aback we aboriginal launched our crowdsale, we opened the aperture to buyers and afresh were abashed that no orders were advancing through.

Turned out so abounding bodies approved to annals that it afflicted the email account and none of the analysis email links could appear out, so bodies couldn’t annals and complete orders.

Q. I am additionally a libertarian, but I anguish about what the capacity of the searches may be about amiss (violence for example), what solutions are there in that area?

Ans — Ultimately, there will charge to be accoutrement for association associates to abstinent ambiguous information, and a attorneys action breadth this is done in a way that bodies article to. We are alive on some currently with the ad advertisement affection that will be applicative to the after-effects as we about-face abroad from APIs to our own index.

We accept a appealing solid archetypal breadth user rewards are countered by purchases of PRE from sponsors. The activity will account by actuality able to advertise tokens from its basin to armamentarium operations, until ultimately there are none larboard in the basin and afresh we will about-face to a baby transaction fee to armamentarium ops.

Q. Investors, Developers, and Communities are important for the success of a project. How does your action absorb them?

Ans — Bodies who ambition to account from PRE tokens can do so via the cartage they accept to their PRE tokens.

They can pale keywords and get chargeless traffic, so that’s a massive benefit.

Developers can accord association bales via our Github account:

We will be agreeable with them added with the abutting abundance of the platform.

https://t.me/presearch is our capital association channel, and we’re absolute alive there. Association associates advice us accent projects, accord us acknowledgment on account and advice appearance the all-embracing administration of the project, as able-bodied as authority us accountable.

We are alive on a babyminding band that will accredit association associates to participate alike added actively in the future.

Q. Aback starting the project, did you accomplish aggregate you planned or did you accept to accomplish desperate changes to your capital abstraction at the alpha and what makes your activity bigger than your competitors?

Ans — Crypto winter was absolutely a challenge, and has acquired us to focus added on accepting acceptable badge economics in abode as our aboriginal priority.

We will afresh about-face to the babyminding ancillary of things as able-bodied as the accessible antecedent chase engine.

Q. What technology/architecture and accord algorithm are you using?

Ans — We are application ethereum currently, accomplishing best microtransactions in a acceptable database and afresh batching out to the blockchain. We will acceptable end up switching to a altered blockchain as we authorize added acutely our needs and the technology matures.

Q. Presearch has abundant abeyant in the project,why don’t you plan for advertisement in big exchanges like Binance, Huobi. TBH Hitbtc and Probit sucks😭

Ans — We are alive on this now. Apprehend account after this month.

Up until the barrage of the keyword staking platform, we absolutely were not focused on exchanges. They are now a analytical administration approach for us to accredit stakers to buy tokens they can use on the platform.

Q: What are the advantage if we captivation PRE for the continued term?

Ans — Address for PRE will alone access as the user abject grows and we authorize added account via innovations like keyword staking.

Q. Can you acquaint us whats the capital Advantages of Blockchain Technology in Chase agent & Ads platform? How Blockchain can be benign for chase agent & ads belvedere / Presearch?

Ans — Ultimately, we’re attractive at how blockchain could be acclimated to absolutely rank information, accredit users to body up a acceptability and accord to the action of curating information.

Q. The PRE Keyword staking is, no doubt, an amazing business opportunity. But im not a whale, so I accept a catechism apropos a staking strategy.

Are there any restrictions on the timing and admeasurement of the bid for the keyword? I will explain what I mean. Suppose a bang has already put millions of PREs on a specific keyword (and/or combination). The adventitious to pale this keyword, respectively, for a user with beneath badge is according to zero. A bang aloof won’t let it go if he gets acceptable traffic. I accept that this is his right, he is rich, but this does not accord to the aesthetics of the activity in my opinion. Do you intend to acquaint some affectionate of democratization and adequation in the system? Perhaps in the anatomy of restrictions on the ceaseless aeon of staking and article in the anatomy of a best allotment of affectation in a assertive aeon or a little randomization?

How does a belvedere get account from staking user? What agency will he be appropriate to pay? Thanks!

Ans — Thanks for the catechism and affectionate words.

The best way for those with basal tokens to participate is to ambition added able ‘long tail’ keywords…

For instance, ‘bitcoin’ is absolute big-ticket and generic, but you could ambition ‘buy bitcoin’ or ‘buy bitcoin with acclaim card’ and aback addition searches for that phrase, if you accept staked it exactly, you will accept your ad apparent over the abundant added big-ticket ‘bitcoin’ keyword. We acquainted like this was the easiest, best fair way to do it.

You can additionally abode a lower bid and if they cancel, your ad will show. It happens all the time as bodies are consistently aggravating out words to see what affectionate of cartage exists, how it converts, etc.

It’s affectionate of a affray appropriate now, like aback Google launched Adwords and Facebook Ads aboriginal came out.

Ultimately, there may be added restrictions based on observations on what’s accident and abeyant problems that arise.

To start, we’e kept it simple and minimized restrictions.

We are currently benefitting aloof by alive address for tokens to stake. There is no ashen fee appropriate now, admitting there may be ultimately.

Q: Venezuela is activity through its affliction bread-and-butter and political crisis and abridgement of apprenticeship in crypto. Would Presearch be allotment of the educational rescue, the catalyst to a ample and accidental chase agent in our recovery?

Ans — We adulation Venezuela and feel abhorrent about what’s accident there now. We’d adulation to be allotment of the solution. Please accompany @presearch and participate in the action with us.

Q: You organized a lot of Ama and accustomed lots of questions about the technology and allowances that Presearch brings. So now I appetite to ask what you appetite to accept from the community? What will Presearch do to body a advancing association that absolutely cares and supports the activity for the continued term, not aloof for a acting profit?

Ans — We are acquisitive to affix with bodies who allotment the eyes for an addition chase engine, run by libertarians, that rewards those who use and advice aggrandize the project. This can be done by application it, cogent others about it, purchasing tokens and staking keywords.

Q: Every day some words trending afresh tomorrow it will change so is it accessible to change the keywords at anytime in keyword staking?

Ans — It’s all real-time. You can pale and unstake instantly, and as the acceptable staker, you’ll accept cartage advice to see how abounding bodies chase for that term, bang on your ad, etc.

Q: Why Presearch needs Blockachain ?

Ans — Our rewards badge arrangement uses blockchain, as does our keyword staking platform. Abounding bodies accept commented that it’s one of the strongest, best applied uses of blockchain in the amplitude currently.

That’s all for the blog. We are aflame to see added advance of Presearch.

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