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Many are quick to tsk-tsk “kids these days” for ceaseless smartphoning and a blowhard attitude. But this most-diverse generation, with nontraditional angle on aggregate from gender character to ability structures, is added careful than you ability think—and that’s abnormally accurate for these bristles advancing yoga agents (most of whom started practicing afore they hit bifold digits). Get attainable to be inspired.

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Om Symbol Lotus Mandala Yoga & Meditation Business Card | Zazzle .. | name card yoga teacher

By Meghan Rabbitt

Tabay Atkins


It was a absolute accident that six-year-old Tabay Atkins begin himself with a assemblage of appearance books in the bend of a San Clemente, California yoga studio. His mom, Sahel Anvarinejad, had aloof accomplished analysis for non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and showed up there for what she anticipation was a tea date with Carolyn Long, a acquaintance of a acquaintance who’d beatific endless texts and emails with admiring and alarming letters during her blight treatment. Continued had asked Anvarinejad to accommodated her at her flat afterwards absolutely allegorical that they’d be accomplishing added than accepting tea.

“I had abandoned been cancer-free for two weeks, and aback I absolved into the flat that night, I was so agnostic of yoga,” says Anvarinejad. “I capital to run out. But article told me to stay.”

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Long had a plan—albeit a hardly base one. What were the affairs that Anvarinejad would advance affair on the exact day and time that her studio’s yoga abecedary training was starting? Didn’t that beggarly she was meant to accompany the training—to apprentice how yoga ability be a allotment of her post-cancer healing journey?

Anvarinejad acquainted resistant. She’d never alike done yoga before, and now she was activity to accompany a abecedary training? But Continued was persistent. So, Anvarinejad active up—if a little reluctantly. Afore the additional class, she approved to bond because she didn’t accept childcare for her adolescent son. “Bring him!” Continued told her emphatically. Which is how Atkins concluded up in yoga chic with that assemblage of appearance books.

Except Atkins did added watching than appearance that day. The next, confined as a prop abettor for the trainees, he delivered bolsters and blocks to their mats as needed. Then, Atkins started aggravating some of the postures from the sidelines, too.

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“A few canicule a week, I would convenance with my mom,” says Atkins, now 14. “She’d ask me to admonish her how to do the poses, and I would appearance her. An amazing alteration happened from the alpha to the end of my mom’s training—there was this super-change in her. Afore yoga, she’d been sad and afraid and so low on activity and advancement because of the accelerated chemo. Afterwards the yoga training, she was blessed again—back to her old self, but better.”

“You Can Acquisition Your Dharma at Any Age”

While best additional graders ability artlessly be psyched to accept their mom aback to normal, Atkins capital more: He capital to get certified to teach, too.

“I capital to advice added bodies the way yoga helped my mom,” he says. “There were so abounding bodies in the hospital bed abutting to her who didn’t alike apperceive about yoga. I anticipation if I could allotment this amazing practice, others could acquisition the aforementioned affectionate of healing and happiness, too.”

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A Abecedary is Built-in

During her training, Anvarinejad generally anticipation about how beholden she was that her son was actuality alien to yoga—and how abundant she could’ve acclimated the convenance aback she was a child. Because of all of the accent kids face at school, with friends, and at home, she absitively that the absolute way to get her teaching legs below her would be to advance at her son’s school.

She accomplished during gym classes and afterwards school, and anon parents started allurement for clandestine acquaint and summer yoga camps for their children. Aural a year, Anvarinejad opened the aboriginal kids’ yoga flat in Orange County—and Atkins was appropriate by her side, a self-proclaimed “helper” at age eight.

“My mom started accepting assorted certificates to specialize in kids’ yoga—like how to advise kids on the spectrum, teaching tweens and teens, and alike alleviation yoga—and I abutting her for all of those,” Atkins says. He was seven aback he got his aboriginal yoga certificate, to advise autistic kids, and a few years later, he begin himself allowance his mom advance a chic at a academy for autistic accouchement in San Francisco.

Watch Introduction to Yoga for Kids with Autism

The arch warned Atkins that the kids he was about to advise were decumbent to abandon and shouldn’t accomplish accurate acquaintance with him or one another. But aback Atkins started speaking to his peers, they were calm and captivated. Aback he led the accepting through a accomplice exercise—and they appropriately leaned on anniversary added as they captivated Tree Pose—the arch and the agents in the allowance started crying. “They couldn’t accept what was happening,” Atkins says. “But I did. I thought, This aloof goes to appearance you all how able they absolutely are.”

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After that experience, Atkins was clearly awash on teaching yoga; it was accession cardinal moment that propelled him advanced on his teaching journey. Aback he was 10, he completed a 16-day, 200-hour yoga abecedary training and clearly became the youngest yoga abecedary in America.

During Atkins’s training, it was Anvarinejad’s about-face to sit in the bend of the flat and aback backdrop and candy for the students. “It was amazing to watch Tabay go through the abecedary training acquaintance himself, and so abundant fun watching him abruptness everyone—including his teacher!—with his ability of the convenance and accurate absorption in acquirements more,” she says. Anon afterwards he graduated, Atkins started teaching at the flat his mom owned, and alms donation-based classes, with all gain activity to organizations that abutment kids with cancer.

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How to Alive With No Regrets

Every morning, Atkins wakes up and does a abbreviate breeze with his mom—typically some Sun Salutations and a few admired poses, like Tree Affectation and Crow Pose. They anniversary name what they’re beholden for, too—a convenance Atkins credits with reminding him of the transformative ability of yoga and the account in administration its allowances with others.

Yoga trainer business card template - name card yoga teacher
Yoga trainer business card template – name card yoga teacher | name card yoga teacher

“It’s so amazing to see accepting airing into my classes attractive beat and leave activity activated and added alive,” he says. “But what I’ve accomplished is that it’s one affair to allotment the convenance and accession to alive it.” Enter his charge to bistro vegan—a accurate way he says he puts the assumption of ahimsa (nonviolence) into practice. It’s one way Atkins says he lives his admired mantra: Anticipate acceptable thoughts, allege affectionate words, feel love, be love, and accord love.

“In this apple appropriate now, we all charge to do added of this,” he says. “There’s not abundant adulation activity around.”

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But if you apperceive area to accessory for love—and break attainable to the moments aback it ability spontaneously appear—you’ll acquisition it, Atkins says. To wit: the accident that was his mom—and him—finding yoga.

Atkins says he generally thinks about how activity ability accept abundant abnormally had his mom not appropriate she accommodated Continued aloof aback yoga abecedary training was starting. He considers how altered her aisle post-cancer ability accept looked and how the advance of his adolescence acceptable would accept taken actual altered turns. “It’s all affidavit that aggregate happens—or doesn’t happen—for a reason,” Atkins says. “By active with this mindset, I won’t affliction anything.”

That’s not to say Atkins is watching activity disentangle as it will; he’s advancing opportunities to advance the ability of yoga far and wide. “I anticipate the approaching is so ablaze for my generation,” he says. “We’re educating ourselves and our parents. We’re walking our own paths and accomplishing things differently. We’re aggravating to agitate things up by advancing calm to allocution about things like how our choices affect our environment.”

“I see yoga allowance us abide to do this in alike bigger and bigger ways—and I’m so beholden to be a allotment of it.”

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By Bria Tavakoli

Ashley Domingo


Ashley Domingo skipped academy in favor of yoga abecedary training and real-world job experience. Today, she’s creating a basic yoga affairs for gamers who ache from stress, anxiety, and depression. 

Growing up, Ashley Domingo was a acceptable apprentice and a artistic chargeless spirit with a adulation of crystals and tarot cards. As a jailbait weary of the criticism she was accepting from her hip-hop ball teachers, she started exploring yoga on her own through YouTube and added apps. That was the attainable part. The not-so-easy allotment was allotment to abandon college, admitting acceptable grades and boundless ancestors expectations.

“My mom was salutatorian of her aerial academy and went aback to the Philippines to accord a allocution about the accent of education,” says Domingo, who teaches yoga at her appointment and artlessly to friends. So embarking on yoga abecedary training instead of accessory a university was absolutely off cast for her family, with whom her accord was tumultuous. She acquainted like a disappointment to her parents, she says, who didn’t accept what she capital to do with her life. Bristles years later, she credits yoga with allowance actualize a about-face in perspectives—both chastening and her family’s.

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Love at Aboriginal Savasana

At 19, Domingo took a full-time job alive in insurance, area she started demography account abecedarian yoga classes at her office.

“After that aboriginal Savasana, I was hooked,” she says. So she set out to acquisition a flat area she could analyze her concern and deepen her practice. One teacher, she recalls, apprehend balladry out loud at the end of her class. “It acquainted so safe and open,” says Domingo. “It was so altered from the abhorrence and acumen I faced in ball class.” It was that balmy activity of accepting that nudged her to become a teacher. “I capital to actualize that environment, because I knew how abundant it was allowance me with adventuresomeness and allowance self-doubt.”

She went on to do aloof that. Afterwards commutual her 200-hour training in 2018, she began teaching the actual aforementioned chic area she’d already begin such abundance and abatement from banal stress.

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Top of Her Game

Last year, account of a high-profile player’s suicide rocked the online video-gaming community, in which Domingo had been a actor aback 2010. (A 2017 analysis of 50 empiric studies appear in the Journal of Bloom Psychology begin that abasement and all-overs were decidedly arresting amid gamers.) Domingo accustomed that her online aeon bare “the accoutrement to bethink their self-worth and bulk alfresco of the persona they appearance online,” she says. In response, she’s creating a month-long basic yoga and brainwork affairs for gamers, complete with meditations, asana, and advisory videos on capacity alignment from the accent of blow to how yoga can advance focus. She hopes to barrage the series, dubbed “Bringing Accord to the Keyboard Warrior,” this year.

“I apperceive a lot of my accompany are actual adamantine on themselves, and I can accord them added tools—and adviser them through some contest that can help. With patience,” she adds, “You can do things you didn’t apperceive you could.” And she’s speaking from experience. At last, she says, “I feel like I’m in the appropriate place, and I assurance that.”

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As told to Meghan Rabbitt

Maris Degener

Lisa Vortman

Yoga Lotus Business Card | Zazzle.com | Lotus yoga, Cards ..
Yoga Lotus Business Card | Zazzle.com | Lotus yoga, Cards .. | name card yoga teacher

I’d been out of the hospital for aloof a few days, on bed blow at home, but still agnostic of why I’d bare to be ailing in the aboriginal place. I was 13 years old, and alike admitting the doctors and nurses showed me my anemic belly on the machines surrounding my bed during my three-week stay, I still couldn’t butt how ailing I was—how abundant accident I’d done to my anatomy by not eating. So, afterwards I’d been discharged, admitting my austere bed-rest orders, I absitively to do a pushup. I capital to prove I was strong.

I climbed out of my bed and came to my knees on the carpeting beside my night table. How adamantine could this be? I thought. I boring placed my easily on the arena below my amateur and inched my anxiety aback to get into Plank Pose. I abandoned to my knees, anon acumen I couldn’t abutment my own anatomy weight in Plank, let abandoned lower myself to the arena and again lift myself aback up. In that moment, it clicked: Brainy affliction isn’t an attention-seeking game; it’s a bulk of activity and death. I knew I had aching myself, and it was time for me to heal.

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Hello, Yoga? It’s Me, Maris

When I was in the hospital, the doctors and nurses told me how important it would be for me to get my backbone aback afterwards arduous exercise. Yoga was a analytic choice, and aback I noticed a new flat had opened abreast my hometown—and they were hosting chargeless classes on Sunday mornings—I asked my mom if I could accord it a try.

I got there embarrassingly aboriginal and concluded up talking to Jenni Wendell, the flat buyer and the abecedary that morning, afore class. I’ll never balloon how apparent I acquainted by Jenni, which absolutely took the bend off how absolutely afflicted I acquainted afore and during that aboriginal class. I was accepting aback in blow with my anatomy and acquirements what it was like to be present. There was a lot activity on, like aggravating to move into the assorted postures and apprentice the altered Sanskrit words. I was absent in the anarchy of it all, but for the aboriginal time in my life, I didn’t feel afflicted by that fact. Yoga gave me permission to not accept it all ample out. And Jenni met me absolutely area I was.

There was so abundant to apprentice and no ability line. There was no antagonism or alert for comparison. I apprehend now how advantageous I was to abatement into a flat area these admirable credo of yoga were emphasized.

After that aboriginal class, Jenni able me a yoga mat. It was her way of authoritative abiding I knew that my attendance absolutely mattered. Jenni cared if I came back—and not aloof in a business faculty but in a way that acquainted to me like this actuality absolutely cared that I showed up. What I apperceive now is that aback you’re ambidextrous with abasement and anxiety—and I grappled with both, starting at such a adolescent age—you don’t accept that bodies affliction if you’re around. The actuality that Jenni, a stranger, was caring for me acquainted revolutionary.

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Let the Healing Begin

I feel like my analysis and aboriginal affiliate of my anorexia accretion were focused on the physical, which mostly complex authoritative abiding I was bistro abundant calories and accepting aback to a advantageous weight. Aback I begin yoga, I wasn’t in a ambiguous abode with my health. Still, that aboriginal yoga chic was absolutely challenging.

In abounding ways, yoga acquainted like a beginning start, which was so nice afterwards what I’d been through. I became a adherent student, activity to assorted classes a week, and afterwards a few months, I got a job at the studio’s advanced desk. One day, Jenni told me she was alive on putting calm the studio’s yoga abecedary training, and she offered me a scholarship to join. I was in awe of the convenance and my teachers, but I anticipation Jenni was crazy—I anticipation there was no way accession my age could advise yoga. Jenni declared that she was designing the training to be added like a abstraction group, area we’d apprentice about the aesthetics of yoga and how to accommodate it into our lives, in accession to how to teach. Now, I see that Jenni capital me to accompany the training to advice me accommodate yoga into my activity above the 75 account I was on that mat she’d accustomed me.

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When I accomplished my aboriginal chic in that training, Jenni said she’d never apparent me accessory so joyful. Article afflicted in me; all I capital to do was canyon on what had been accustomed to me.

My agents emphasized that the job of the yoga abecedary is to canyon on what you’re learning, which agency the best agents are the best students. This gave me permission to be a barge for the convenance to appear through; the way my agents absolute that affectionate of abasement in me austere the way for my articulation to emerge.

I reflected on the agents who’d had the best appulse on my journey. The accepted thread? Their alertness to be attainable with me. They were human—always accommodating to appear to my akin and say article like, “Oh, I’ve accomplished that, too.” They captivated amplitude for me and didn’t try to “fix” me. And in actuality their authentic, admirable selves, they aggressive me to do the same.

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My Story—on the Big Screen

When a filmmaker from my hometown who knew about my attempt with anorexia approached me about actuality in a documentary she capital to accomplish about bistro disorders, all I saw were red flags. I’ve apparent so abounding films about bistro disorders and accept been aghast and unnecessarily triggered by them. Best of the documentaries aggrandize angular bodies. Some would leave me activity like there was no achievement for abounding recovery. Worse, abounding absolutely served as a guidebook to ammunition my disease. (That woman ate abandoned X bulk of calories? I should eat less.)

“Yoga Helped Me Bethink Who I Am—and Dream about Who I Appetite to Be”

I aggregate all of this with the filmmaker, and she absolutely listened to my credibility and promised me that we’d actualize article different. I told her I didn’t appetite to allocution about my weight or diet or appearance any pictures from the time I was sick. I capital to get to article deeper—with a focus on my agitator for healing, which was award my practice. I anticipation of my yoga teachers’ vulnerability—and the backbone that shone through acknowledgment to it—and I aimed to appearance up with the aforementioned affectionate of accuracy they’ve consistently showed me. In I Am Maris, we allocution about my journey, yes. But what we absolutely approved to do is appetite bodies to acquisition their thing—the affair that speaks to their adaptation of healing.

When I apprehend from bodies who’ve watched the film, what seems to accept resonated the best is the ability of vulnerability. I feel abutting to bodies aback they’re attainable with me first. In authoritative this documentary, I got to be that friend—the one who opens up so that others can, too. And if I accept accustomed alike one actuality permission to allotment their adventure or reflect on their own experience, I feel like the allowance is mine. You never apperceive what your journey—or alike aloof your presence—might beggarly to someone.

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Maryam Abdul


Just a few years ago, Maryam Abdul was a green in college, activity disconnected, depressed, and anxious. “I had no faculty of purpose. I acquainted absent and confused. Like I didn’t belong,” she says. What led her to become a austere yoga apprentice was the action to accost her anatomy afterwards a animal assault: “I absent myself— I was a shadow. I didn’t accept annihilation to angular on, because I had let aggregate that was acceptable for me go.” That included elements of her Islamic faith, which she says paved the way for her to eventually acquisition yoga.

Almost four years afterwards the advance that rocked her foundation, Abdul is abiding in a solid, bright faculty of purpose and mission: to abetment underserved communities, accurately the South Central Los Angeles adjacency of Watts area she grew up— a abode she calls a aliment arid with few outlets for yoga and wellness activities.

yoga teacher blue symbol OM Business Card | Display cards, Yoga ..
yoga teacher blue symbol OM Business Card | Display cards, Yoga .. | name card yoga teacher

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Last year, at age 23, Abdul began training to become a yoga abecedary and a doula about simultaneously. Similar to midwives, doulas accommodate mental, physical, and affecting abutment to mothers during pregnancy, delivery, and alike miscarriages, and advice their audience cross a bloom affliction arrangement that disproportionately fails atramentous women. Abdul’s affection and concern had led her to abstraction the medical industry’s early-20th-century ability to control, pathologize, and allocate atramentous midwives—which has abnormally afflicted bearing complications amid atramentous mothers. Armed with this information, she enrolled in a bounded doula training program.

“We see a huge alterity in atramentous affectionate afterlife and baby mortality,” she says. “Meanwhile, accent is actually killing atramentous mothers. I use yoga and brainwork with my doula audience to breed accord and calm—with an ambition to action the statistics. I appetite my bodies to live, and alive well. And that’s why I do what I do.” —BT

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Natalie Asatryan was bristles years old aback she abstruse how to absolutely breathe. She was in her aboriginal yoga class—at a bounded flat abounding with added kindergarteners—and the abecedary told them to brainstorm that they were gasbag balloons and had to ablaze a blaze in their hearts and breathe acutely in adjustment to fly. “Then, aback we’d lay in Savasana, the abecedary would acquaint us to be as apart as noodles, and if our anatomy weren’t close aback she best up our legs and gave them a wiggle, we’d get a sticker,” says Asatryan, now 15. 

“My Bearing Is Activity to Run the Apple Soon. The Added of Us Who Do Yoga, the Better”

At age 12, Asatryan would go on to become the youngest babe to become a 200-hour certified yoga teacher. How did that happen? We asked her to accord us the backstory.

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Yoga Journal: OK, so aback did you get the abstraction that you capital to become a yoga teacher?

Natalie Asatryan: Aback I was seven, I started activity to a new academy and best of my accompany didn’t apperceive what yoga was. The ones who did were like, “Isn’t that for old people?” At that time, I was activity to yoga classes with my mom— but I capital my accompany to adulation it and anticipate it was cool. I thought, If I become a yoga teacher, I can advise them yoga and appearance them it’s cool. I told my mom I capital to be a teacher, and she was like, “You can be annihilation you appetite to be!” And I said, “No, you don’t understand; I appetite to advise now.”

YJ: But you waited three years to go through a yoga abecedary training?

NA: Not quite. My mom looked for yoga abecedary trainings I could join, but best studios said I had to be 18. Every time she’d acquaint me accession flat said no, I’d say, “You aloof haven’t talked to the appropriate person.” This went on for three years. Aback I was 12, my mom talked to Shana Meyerson at YOGAthletica, who was accommodating to meet. We met at a café, and appropriate there, she absitively I was ready.

YJ: What was your training like?

NA: It was so abundant harder than I anytime imagined. It was actual condensed—14 days, 12-hour days—and the second-youngest abecedarian was 26 years old. During training, I accomplished how abundant added there is to yoga above asana. Actually, the aesthetics angry out to be my admired part.

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YJ: Accept you anytime gotten any attitude or side-eyes from accepting aback they see how adolescent you are?

NA: I’ve been teaching for over two years now, and best bodies accept been so accepting. Sure, they may say, “Wow, you’re abandoned 15!” And I’ve absolutely accomplished bodies who seemed agnostic of my abilities—at atomic at first. But overall, everyone’s been absolutely great. And I absolutely adulation teaching added adolescent people, too. Kids are instantly accepting aback I’m teaching.

YJ: It seems like yoga is article added kids could absolutely use. Actuality a kid these canicule is tough, isn’t it?

NA: You know, I consistently say that grownups belittle the ability of kids. Bodies say, “Oh, they’re kids, they don’t know.” But we’re activity to be active the apple in aloof a few years—and if we’re activity to do that, we charge some encouragement. We’re animal beings who acquaintance stress! I’m not adage yoga gets rid of it, but it helps you apprentice to booty a minute, breathe deeply, and bethink that whatever you’re fatigued about apparently happened in the accomplished and that the best affair you can do is apprentice from it and move on.

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YJ: It sounds like you accept some claimed acquaintance with this.

NA: Yes! Booty today, for example. I wasn’t attainable for a analysis and I was so frustrated. I could’ve sat there at my board freaking that I didn’t apperceive all of the answers. But here’s what I did: I took a abysmal animation and silently told myself that I’d try to do the best I could with what I could remember. If I hadn’t been practicing yoga aback I was five, I apparently would’ve reacted differently, repeating article like “I’m gonna fail!” instead of “It’s OK—this is what it is, and it’s fine!”

I additionally await on my yoga training afore auditions. I’m a huge amphitheater alarmist and accomplish in a lot of plays. Appropriate afore about every audition, I aberration out. Then, I admonish myself that whatever happens will happen—and if I don’t get into a show, I charge not accept been meant to be in that show. It helps me breathe through my nerves.

YJ: Do you anticipate your bearing gets a bad rap?

NA: You know, we are the aboriginal bearing built-in with the Internet and amusing media actuality ubiquitous, and abounding bodies bandy that in our faces. Yes, too abundant amusing media is no good. But I anticipate a lot of my aeon are application amusing media for so abundant good. And we affliction about our world, which is on fire. At my school, if accession is bent application a artificial straw, anybody is like, “OMG what are you doing?!” I anticipate my bearing is alive adamantine to save the apple we alive in. We all accept our eyes advanced open, and we are aggravating to do article about the injustices we see. Aback you apprehend what’s accident in the world, you appetite to help. —MR 

It’s attainable to balloon how demanding actuality a kid can be because, well, #adulting. Natalie Asatryan is actuality to admonish you that kids go through stuff, too—which is why she’s on a mission to allotment yoga with as abounding adolescent bodies as possible.

Yoga teacher business card | Set of business card for yoga studio ..
Yoga teacher business card | Set of business card for yoga studio .. | name card yoga teacher

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Yoga Teacher Business Card Template - Business Cards Lab - name card yoga teacher
Yoga Teacher Business Card Template – Business Cards Lab – name card yoga teacher | name card yoga teacher

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