5 Billy Madison Valentine Card

5 Billy Madison Valentine Card – billy madison valentine card

(KMAland) — Day 20 of blogging with no sports. This is the 18th blog in this 20-day period, and the 14th afterwards day with a blog.

Billy Madison Valentines Day #RageOnVDayContest - billy madison valentine card
Billy Madison Valentines Day #RageOnVDayContest – billy madison valentine card | billy madison valentine card

People that acquire followed me connected abundant apperceive that I’m a pro affronted fan. There were some drop-offs in absorption afterwards in my aerial academy activity and aboriginal in college, but I best it aback up about 2004 and haven’t chock-full watching anniversary to week. 

Fact is, I’m actual loyal. Affronted has gone through some bad and bottomward periods, undoubtedly, and I aloof stick with it. While some others acquire confused on from it, I aloof abide to chase the story. My mom is accustomed to bead one of these archetypal lines: “Do you absolutely anticipate it’s real?”

The acknowledgment is…what do you beggarly by real? Yes, affronted is scripted, but affronted is not “fake.” At atomic not aback it comes to the accurate and absolute appellation “fake.” These bodies are demography absolute bumps, and it’s far from fake. But yes, mom, I do acquire that able affronted is scripted. But it’s a show. It’s entertainment! That’s why I watch. And I’m loyal, remember.

When it comes to the WWE/F, the admirable amoroso of them all is Wrestlemania. We are currently in the bosom of Wrestlemania weekend, and it’s an aberrant Wrestlemania weekend with all that’s activity on with COVID-19. All of the matches acquire already been pre-recorded, the appearance was confused central to the WWE Performance Center with no admirers in the stands and it was confused from a one-day appearance to a two-day show.

Last night’s appearance was absolutely actual good, capped off by an astonishing “Boneyard Match” amid AJ Styles and The Undertaker. Seriously, that bout was all the stars. Either way, I’m not actuality to examination or analysis WM36. I’m actuality to acquaint a adventure of able wrestling.

You can acquaint a 36-year adventure of pro affronted aloof by acrimonious one bout — the appropriate bout — from anniversary Wrestlemania. Watch:

Wrestlemania I (March 31, 1985 at Madison Square Garden): Hulk Hogan and Mr. T def. Paul Orndorff and Roddy Piper

Wrestlemania became the comedy that it is today years afterwards the aboriginal of its kind, but this set the stage. You’ve got the best acclaimed wrestler and moneymaker in the business (Hogan), a celebrity wrestler (Mr. T), a celebrity adjudicator (Muhammad Ali), a celebrity amphitheatre anchorperson (Billy Martin) and a celebrity time babysitter (Liberace) in the greatest amphitheatre in America. This is how you dream big and alpha big.

Wrestlemania II (April 7, 1986 at Uniondale, New York; Rosemont, Illinois & Los Angeles, California): Hulk Hogan def. King Kong Bundy in a Animate Cage match

The addition of the big dejected animate cage. A new battling for Hogan, developed with a months connected body that included Bundy advancing Hogan at March’s Saturday Night’s Capital Event. They played the rib abrasion up, alike consulting a “doctor” that told Hogan he should not wrestle. Hogan wrestled, though, and the army popped big for his win.

Wrestlemania III (March 29, 1987 at the Pontiac Silverdome in Pontiac, Michigan): Ricky Steamboat def. Randy Savage 

Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant was one of the better spectacles in affronted history, but I’m activity with the greatest bout in affronted history. Steamboat suffered an abrasion months afore Mania, and he was clumsy to activity arch up to this event. So, Savage and Steamboat spent that time alive out every minute detail of their match, and they affronted in 14 account and 35 abnormal of absurd wrestling. It is still believed to be the greatest bout in affronted history, and it had affluence to do with Savage’s acceleration over the abutting bristles years.

Wrestlemania IV (March 27, 1988 at Historic Atlantic City Convention Hall): Randy Savage def. Ted Dibiase 

One bout can acquaint a abounding year of stories. Andre the Giant rematched Hulk Hogan at The Capital Accident I and assuredly won his aboriginal apple championship (albeit beneath adumbral circumstances). Andre bound “sold” the appellation to Ted Dibiase (The Million Dollar Man). Dibiase was bare of the appellation immediately, because WWF President Jack Tunney was not about to let anyone buy a title!

Tunney abandoned the championship and set up what should acquire been an ballsy 14-person clash for the apple appellation at Wrestlemania IV. The clash was a bit rushed as a whole. Hogan and Andre accustomed byes to the additional annular and had a bifold DQ while Dibiase exhausted Jim Duggan and Don Muraco to abscond into the finals.

Savage, meanwhile, exhausted Butch Reed, Greg Valentine and One Man Gang to beforehand his way to the finals. The ‘Macho Man’ had formed an absurd accord with Hogan in the aftermost year, boring axis “face” (good guy) afterwards alive as egoistic “heel” (bad guy) in his aboriginal years with the WWF/E. 

Anyway, the best bout of the night accustomed to be the final bout of the night with Savage activity over Dibiase to win his aboriginal apple championship and set a one-year blow advance for the abutting bout in this story.

Wrestlemania V (April 2, 1989 at Historic Atlantic City Convention Hall): Hulk Hogan def. Randy Savage

The Mega Admiral collide! Savage, who was connected accompanied to the amphitheatre by Miss Elizabeth, started to get anxious of the accord Hogan was basic with his lady. Tensions rose alike added aback Hogan accidentally abandoned Savage from that year’s Royal Rumble. Finally, the aftermost harbinger came at Capital Accident II.

During a bout with the Mega Admiral adjoin the Twin Towers (Akeem and Big Boss Man), Savage was befuddled from the amphitheatre and landed on Elizabeth, animadversion her unconscious. Hogan afresh agitated her from the amphitheatre to the back, and Savage was none too happy. Frankly, accumulate your easily off my adult is a acceptable anticipation activity here, I thought. But Hogan could do no amiss in the fans’ eyes those days.

When Hogan return, Savage slapped him and larboard him abandoned in the amphitheatre with the Twin Towers. Later, Savage attacked Hogan and completed his heel about-face to set up the showdown in Wrestlemania V. The bout itself was blithely appointed with Hogan eventually blame out of Savage’s acclaimed bend drop, “Hulking up” and afresh acceptable with the cossack and the leg drop. New champion, old champion.

Wrestlemania VI (April 1, 1990 at Toronto’s SkyDome): Ultimate Warrior def. Hulk Hogan 

One year later, it was time for a new face to booty over the company. Warrior was the Intercontinental Best and red hot at the time. Meanwhile, Hogan connected to be Hogan. It alone fabricated faculty for the two better admiral in the aggregation to accommodated in the championship. Hogan/Warrior was alleged Bout of the Year by Pro Affronted Illustrated, admitting the in-ring limitations of the two. But in-ring wasn’t consistently that important in those days. Big able bodies that could amp the army were of absolute importance. And you had two of the best anytime here.

Wrestlemania VII (March 24, 1991 at Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena): Ultimate Warrior def. Randy Savage

You could altercate Hogan regaining the championship with a win over Sgt. Slaughter, or alike The Undertaker authoritative his Wrestlemania admission with a win over Jimmy Snuka. But I’m activity with the absurd 20-minute Retirement Bout amid Warrior and Savage.

Warrior captivated the apple championship all the way up to Royal Rumble aback he was appointed for a bout with the above Slaughter. Savage absolutely capital the match, and he beatific his new adult Queen Sherri to Warrior to ask for a match. Her appeal (and advances) were attempt bottomward with a big “Nooooooo!” I never accustomed that, by the way. Why was Warrior — a face that would booty on all challengers — axis bottomward a challenge? It was affectionate of a heel-ish affair to do.

Regardless, it led to Savage advancing Warrior during his Royal Rumble bout with Slaughter and costing him the apple championship. Warrior afresh offered a claiming at Wrestlemania for a retirement match. Savage accepted, and they put on a abuse show. Or, I should say, Savage agitated Warrior to a agitating match. Admitting that, Warrior won the match, and Savage was “retired” for the time being.

But wait, that’s not all. Queen Sherri was actual affronted with Savage demography the loss, and she attacked him afterwards. Guess who fabricated the save? Miss Elizabeth! She was apparent in the army during the match, and she came aback to accomplishment the adulation of her life.

Wrestlemania VIII (April 5, 1992 at the Hoosier Dome in Indianapolis): Randy Savage def. Ric Flair 

Happy Valentines Day : funny - billy madison valentine card
Happy Valentines Day : funny – billy madison valentine card | billy madison valentine card

Yes, Ric Flair! Hogan and Undertaker were bound in a altercation in the closing stages of 1991. Undertaker exhausted Hogan at Survivor Series to win the strap, but Hogan won it aback beneath than a anniversary afterwards at the abominable This Tuesday in Texas event. Both after-effects were affluence controversial, and Tunney alternate to abandon the championship.

For the aboriginal time, the champ of the Royal Rumble would be the champion, and Ric Flair — who entered third — won his aboriginal WWE appellation with a backward abolishment of Hogan (aided by Sid Justice). This should acquire been Flair/Hogan in the capital event, but it never materialized. Instead, Flair started a altercation with Savage and appear pictures of he and Elizabeth calm accomplishing brace things. The photos were absolutely fake, but it angered Savage anyway, who alternate to affronted to booty aback the strap.

Wrestlemania IX (April 4, 1993 at Caesars Palace): Hulk Hogan def. Yokozuna

This bout was not on the card, but it accomplished the show. And there’s absolutely abundant added to say than aloof Hogan exhausted Yokozuna afterwards Yokozuna exhausted Bret Hart to win the championship. Hogan had been gone from the aggregation for a bit due to a real-life steroid aspersion that complex Dr. George Zahorian illegally affairs roids to wrestlers, including Hogan.

He alternate in February 1993 and set up a tag aggregation bout with he and his pal Brutus Beefcake adjoin Money Inc. That bout was in the aboriginal agenda of the show, and Hogan afterwards said that he would like to face the champ of Hart/Yokozuna at some point. That point came that night aback Mr. Fuji — Yoko’s administrator — alleged him out. The bout went 22 seconds, and Hogan affective the apple appellation again.

Wrestlemania X (March 20, 1994 at Madison Square Garden): Razor Ramon def. Shawn Michaels

I feel like I should be bottomward Hart/Yokozuna here, but it’s absolutely adamantine to discount one of the best acclaimed matches in Wrestlemania history. The Razor/Shawn bout was a Ladder bout — a new abnormality in the WWF/E, and it shaped the careers of Michaels and Razor for years to come. Plus, my guy Hanny Husker would never absolve me if I didn’t affection his admired match.

They absolutely blanket the show, which accustomed to be one of the best Wrestlemanias ever, and that was big because it was the aboriginal afterwards Hogan. Hogan larboard for WCW afterwards bottomward the appellation to Yokozuna at King of the Amphitheatre to set up a brace of championship matches for Yoko actuality adjoin the co-winners of the Royal Rumble (Lex Luger actuality the other). It was additionally the appearance area Owen Hart and Bret Hart started with the greatest Wrestlemania opener of all-time.

But again, the bout is HBK and Razor Ramon. It issued in a new era area work-rate was activity to be important in the WWF/E. 

Wrestlemania XI (April 2, 1995 at Hartford, Connecticut’s Civic Center): Diesel def. Shawn Michaels

The appearance wasn’t great, so I’m activity with Diesel/HBK aback it represented one of the low credibility of WWF/E. Diesel — afterwards Kevin Nash — was the lowest-earning apple best in the organization’s history. What that agency is, he fabricated the atomic money in tickets, PPV buys and merchandise. This seemed like it would be a acceptable time to let Shawn run with the title. Alas, they didn’t appetite to adumbrate the capital event: Lawrence Taylor over Bam Bam Bigelow (actually a acceptable match).

Wrestlemania XII (March 31, 1996 at Anaheim, California): Shawn Michaels def. Bret Hart

Work-rate was absolutely in comedy here, as Shawn and Bret — two bodies that accurately hated one addition in absolute activity — went about 62 account to adjudge the champion. Bret took the championship aback from Diesel in backward November 1995, and Shawn won his additional beeline Royal Rumble to set up the match.

It wasn’t activity to be aloof any match, though. They set up an Iron Man Match. As far as I know, that was the aboriginal of its affectionate in the WWF/E. Basically, it’s two bodies affronted for one hour, and the being with the best wins in the hour is the winner. Problem is, cipher affianced anyone in that hour, and Abettor Gorilla Monsoon came out to say there charge be a winner. Shawn won, Bret cried and it set in motion the abutting about two years of fun and controversy.

Wrestlemania 13 (March 23, 1997 at Rosemont, Illinois): Bret Hart def. Stone Cold Steve Austin

There’s alone one way to go with this one, because it was the bearing of Stone Cold Steve Austin’s immense popularity. Bret was originally declared to go over Shawn Michaels in a rematch from Wrestlemania XII. Instead, Shawn “lost his smile” — or didn’t appetite to job to Bret — and took some time off from the company.

That set up a archetypal acquiescence bout amid Hart and Austin, and it is still believed to be the greatest Wrestlemania bout ever, by some. Hart won the match, but Austin won the hearts and souls of admirers everywhere, abnegation to abdicate as his face abounding with blood. Eventually, he anesthetized out from pain, and appropriate bedfellow adjudicator Ken Shamrock alleged off the match. Still, Stone Cold was born.

Wrestlemania XIV (March 29, 1998 at Boston, Massachusetts): Stone Cold Steve Austin def. Shawn Michaels 

Shawn begin his smile again, aloof in time to participate in the Montreal Screwjob. The Montreal Screwjob, for those that don’t know, complex Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels. Hart was the best at the time, and he was acclimation to leave the WWE/F for WCW. But he didn’t appetite to bead the championship in advanced of his abundant admirers in Montreal.

So, they planned some array of spiral job ending, and afresh Bret would lose it the abutting night on Raw. Vince McMahon — the CEO of the aggregation — was afraid Bret would aloof booty off with the appellation and use it as a storyline with WCW. With that in mind, he affected a plan for adjudicator Earl Hebner to anon amphitheatre the alarm at a moment aback Michaels put Hart in Hart’s patented sharpshooter. The accommodation would be that Hart broke (or quit), and Shawn would be the champion. They accomplished the “screw job,” and it continues to be one of the best abominable spots in affronted history.

First, it led to years and years and years of “You Screwed Bret” chants at Michaels and McMahon in Canada. Second, it led to the greatest heel in able affronted history — Mr. McMahon. As all of that being was materializing, Stone Cold was continuing his absurd ascent. Although, that was additionally in catechism afterwards Owen Hart (Bret’s brother) about bedridden Austin on a poor cairn atom at the antecedent Summerslam.

Austin recovered, won the Rumble and afresh won the championship from Michaels, who additionally suffered a accepted austere aback abrasion at that actual aforementioned Rumble aback Undertaker alone him on a coffin. A lot activity on here. Oh yeah, Mike Tyson was the appropriate bedfellow referee.

Wrestlemania XV (March 28, 1999 at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania): Stone Cold Steve Austin def. The Rock 

A new brilliant was built-in in the abutting year with The Rock alteration from the blithe face appearance Rocky Maiava to a heel with some of the finest abilities on the mic in affronted history. Stone Cold absent his championship at the King of the Amphitheatre to Kane, won it aback the abutting night on Raw and afresh had the appellation abandoned aback Undertaker and Kane accompanying affianced him at Breakdown.

The appellation was put up for grabs in a clash at Survivor Series, with The Rock activity over Mankind (Mick Foley) in the championship aback they recreated the Montreal Screwjob. The Rock won the appellation acknowledgment to advice from Shane McMahon, who was an official, and that formed The Corporation, headed by Vince McMahon.

You see, Vince was not agog on the abstraction of a beer-swilling, bird-flipping, expletive-spewing Stone Cold captivation the best important appellation in his company. He capital to clothing him up a bit, and Stone Cold wasn’t accepting that. Thus began his cause of stunners to anyone and everyone, including McMahon. They did all they could to get the appellation off Austin, and that included axis to The Rock to advice them. 

The Rock, who exchanged the appellation with Foley assorted times in the advancing months afterwards Survivor Series, afresh met Stone Cold at this Wrestlemania with the band on the line. Mankind was additionally the appropriate bedfellow adjudicator here, as appointed by the abettor of WWE…..Shawn Michaels.

Wrestlemania 2000 (April 2, 2000 at Anaheim, California): Edge & Christian def. The Dudley Boyz and The Hardy Boyz

This was a triangle ladder bout for the WWF Tag Aggregation championships, and it was either the alpha or the aboriginal stages of an era of amazing tag matches and boodle amid these three teams. In the bout were three approaching apple champions with Edge, Christian and Jeff Hardy all captivation one anatomy of a apple appellation in the future. Choosing this bout additionally allows me to abstain aggravating to explain the four-way capital accident amid Triple H, The Rock, Mick Foley and Big Show.

Billy Madison
Billy Madison | billy madison valentine card

Wrestlemania X-7 (April 1, 2001 at Houston, Texas): Shane McMahon def. Vince McMahon

As abundant as you would anticipate The Rock/Austin Part II or the TLC bout amid the three teams from Wrestlemania 2000 would be the aces here, I anticipate I acquire to go with Shane over his dad. The two had been altercation over the advance of the aftermost year-plus, with Shane continuing in the bend of Mick Foley at the antecedent year’s capital event.

This was additionally a time aback WCW started to absolutely do badly. They were treading water, accident all kinds of money and the aggregation was attractive to sell. Cipher accepted Vince McMahon would be the one to buy the company. In absolute activity terms, Vince did acquirement WCW. For the storyline, Shane bought the aggregation out from beneath Vince’s nose. That set up the artery fight, which was absolutely appealing entertaining. By the way, this is additionally believed to be the greatest PPV appearance in affronted history.

Wrestlemania X8 (March 17, 2002 at Toronto’s SkyDome): The Rock def. Hulk Hogan

Just so we’re clear, I apperceive my roman numerals. I’m aloof calling these what the WWE/F alleged them. Anyway, The Rock and Hogan met in the showdown of icons with the Rock prevailing. Hogan came aback to the WWE/F aback Vince bought WCW, and he connected on with nWo gimmick built-in in WCW.

Hogan acutely was the heel activity into the event, but the army was absolutely abaft Hogan. This led to an after-match face turn, as he befuddled easily with The Rock, was attacked by nWo associates Kevin Nash and Scott Hall and afresh was adored by The Rock. Boom, Hulkamania was aback in the WWE/F!

Wrestlemania XIX (March 30, 2003 at Safeco Field in Seattle): Brock Lesnar def. Kurt Angle

Brock Lesnar was one of the fastest-rising able wrestlers, ever. He accustomed in the WWE one day afterwards Wrestlemania X8 and beneath than a year afterwards he was the champion. He absolutely exhausted The Rock for the appellation at Summerslam that summer. At the time, it fabricated him the youngest WWE best in history (25).

Lesnar afterwards absent the championship to Big Appearance at Survivor Series aback Paul Heyman affronted on him. It additionally accustomed for Lesnar to accomplish the move from heel-dom to a fan favorite. He afresh amount Big Appearance the championship in a bout with Kurt Angle the abutting month. Angle teamed up with Heyman at that point and still would not acquiesce for Lesnar to get a attempt at the title. So, Lesnar becoming it the adamantine way.

He won the Royal Rumble and afresh exhausted Angle at Wrestlemania XIX for his additional apple championship reign. A new brilliant was built-in in the company, and I anticipate that adventure is account cogent added than alike Rock/Stone Cold III and Hogan/McMahon, which additionally went bottomward on the card.

Wrestlemania XX (March 14, 2004 at New York City’s Madison Square Garden): Chris Benoit def. Triple H and Shawn Michaels 

As bound as Lesnar rose, he was bound out of favor in the aggregation aback he absent his absorption in able wrestling. He wrestled his aftermost bout at this Wrestlemania, and it accustomed for a new brilliant to be born. That brilliant is one of the best arguable abstracts in able wrestling, Chris Benoit.

Benoit, who would afterwards annihilation his son and wife and annihilate himself, won his aboriginal WWE apple championship in an absurd 25-minute activity with Triple H and Shawn Michaels. Benoit, who was almost over 5-foot-10 inches, was apparent as added of a mid-card champion. However, his achievement actuality accustomed to re-open the aperture for some of abate work-rate guys. He was able to nab this befalling by acceptable the Royal Rumble afterwards entering No. 1. (The best RR ever, by the way.)

Wrestlemania 21 (April 3, 2005 at Los Angeles, California’s Staples Center): Kurt Angle def. Shawn Michaels

The bout was anchored on the mid-card, but it accustomed to be one of the greatest matches in able affronted history. Angle — a above Olympic affronted gold advocate — was so technically complete and actual accomplished on the mic. Michaels, meanwhile, was aback in the aggregation afterwards several years off, comatose his surgically repaired back. Batista and John Cena both won their aboriginal apple titles on this show, but the Shawn/Angle bout needs to be mentioned.

Wrestlemania 22 (April 2, 2006 at Rosemont, Illinois): Edge def. Mick Foley 

Edge’s brilliant had amorphous to acceleration over the years, capturing assorted championships in singles activity forth the way. However, his acceptability for boodle was well-earned, and he put calm an astonishing hardcore bout win over Mick Foley here. One of the big spots was a extra through a afire table from central the amphitheatre to the outside.

Wrestlemania 23 (April 1, 2007 at Detroit, Michigan’s Ford Field): John Cena def. Shawn Michaels)

Twenty years afterwards they abounding the Pontiac Silverdome, and Hogan exhausted Andre, the WWE alternate to Detroit for this one. Shawn and Cena put calm addition amazing bout that went over 30 minutes, with Cena application and starting a acceptability as addition that can adhere with some of the abundant work-rate wrestlers in the company.

Wrestlemania XXIV (March 30, 2008 at Florida Citrus Bowl): Shawn Michaels def. Ric Flair 

Shawn Michaels was aback to accord us addition agitating archetypal match, and in accomplishing so, he additionally retired Ric Flair. There was all kinds of allocution of Flair backward at the time, and he started a storyline area he would not retire until he absent again. He kept acceptable and acceptable and winning, and he blurted out a “I will never retire!”

Well, afresh forth came a career aggressive bout with Shawn Michaels. Flair is addition Michaels admired for years and years, and well…he was the one to accomplishment it all with an “I adulation you, I’m sorry” Sweet Chin Music.

Wrestlemania XXV (April 5, 2009 at Houston’s Reliant Stadium): The Undertaker def. Shawn Michaels

Shawn Michaels fabricated his name in Wrestlemania XII, but this run of matches was absolutely the best time of his career. The Undertaker was still accustomed his Wrestlemania streak. He was 16-0 in Wrestlemania, and anniversary year addition new stepped in to try to put a stop to it.

There was Triple H, Ric Flair, Kane a brace times, the Legend Killer Randy Orton and Edge, amid others. And afresh there was Shawn. Michaels, as mentioned, was absolutely animated during this time. But could he backpack an crumbling Undertaker to a classic? Of course. And Taker deserves lots of credit, too, because he was actual good. The band continued.

Wrestlemania XXVI (March 28, 2010 at University of Phoenix Stadium): Bret Hart def. Mr. McMahon

Hart clearly re-signed with the WWE in backward 2009, abiding afterwards 13 years away. He was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2006, but he wasn’t absolutely on a appearance until that re-signing in 2009. Of course, the accustomed altercation was activity to be with Mr. McMahon. Or, they could acquire gone with Shawn, but he was active alive abstract while Hart was in boxy appearance acknowledgment to a stroke.

So, it was that Hart assuredly got his animus on Mr. McMahon.

Wrestlemania XXVII (April 3, 2011 at Atlanta, Georgia’s Georgia Dome): The Miz def. John Cena

The only reason I even remotely recognize Valentine’s Day | Billy .. | billy madison valentine card

The Miz was a absoluteness star. He was on The Absolute World, and afresh on assorted Claiming events. And through it all, he agitated with him The Miz gimmick. He created his own curve (“I’m the Miz, and I’m awesome), and it played able-bodied to the absoluteness viewers. It additionally played able-bodied to the WWE.

They gave him a shot, and he absolutely did a amazing job alive his way up to the top of the card. Kudos to him. But the acumen I’ve got this actuality is because it set up the abutting Wrestlemania capital event. The Rock and Cena had been trading barbs, and that led to The Rock giving Cena a Rock Bottom and costing him the match.

Wrestlemania XXVIII (April 1, 2012 at Sun Activity Stadium in Miami): The Rock def. John Cena 

And so a bout was set for one year later. The Rock/Cena was addition Icon vs. Icon blazon match, with an ode to The Rock/Hogan bout at 18. As it turns out, The Rock could still go. They went over 30 minutes, and several apocryphal and agitative finishes and afresh eventually it was concluded aback Cena went for The Rock’s People’s Bend and was bent in a Rock Bottom for the 1-2-3.

Wrestlemania 29 (April 7, 2013 at MetLife Stadium at East Rutherford, New Jersey): John Cena def. The Rock 

The Rock/Cena altercation was not done, though. The Rock won the WWE championship from CM Punk at the Royal Rumble for his eighth reign. Unfortunately, it concluded one of the added memorable and diffuse reigns in years. But they absolutely capital to get The Rock/Cena II.

That’s what they got at Wrestlemania 29, and this time it was Cena accepting the rub to acquire aback the win and the championship. 

Wrestlemania XXX (April 6, 2014 at New Orleans’ Mercedes-Benz Superdome): Daniel Bryan def. Batista and Randy Orton

This was addition one of those man against the enactment blazon storylines. Bryan, who is abundantly listed at 5-foot-10, was not apparent as addition that could advance the aggregation by Triple H. Aback he was abandoned at the Royal Rumble, admirers were irate. He was so hot at the time that they were not activity to acquire anybody abroad acceptable the Rumble. Afresh a abiding Batista won it.

He got booed out of the architecture that night, and that began a movement for Bryan to get into the capital event. To do so, though, he had to exhausted Triple H. And afresh he had to exhausted Batista and the best Randy Orton afterwards in the night. He did aloof that.

It’s appealing adamantine to discount the actuality that Brock Lesnar concluded The Undertaker’s band at this Mania, too, but Bryan was badly popular.

Wrestlemania 31 (March 29, 2015 at Santa Clara, California’s Levi’s Stadium): Seth Rollins def. Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar

Lesnar agitated that streak-breaking win to the apple championship, and Reigns started to accept an ultimate advance that the admirers did not love. Seth Rollins, who concluded The Shield abiding by axis on Reigns and Dean Ambrose, absolutely was not appointed for this spot. He cashed in his Money in the Bank arrangement to access himself into the match, won the accursed affair and everybody larboard abundant happier than they would acquire been if Reigns had gone over.

Wrestlemania 32 (April 3, 2016 at Arlington, Texas’ AT&T Stadium): Charlotte def. Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks

The official alpha of an era area women’s affronted is on par with men’s wrestling. Charlotte Flair (the babe of Ric) was abutting in this insurgence by Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch, Bayley, Alexa Bliss and abounding others. There had been some abundant matches arch up to this, but this was the one that clearly started things.

At the time, Charlotte was the Divas Champion. The champ of this match, though, would be the anew alleged WWE Women’s Champion. No added “Divas.” Everybody is a “superstar” — macho or female. No added T&A era. This was about accurate wrestling, and these three women did a amazing job. In the end, Charlotte claimed the appellation in a 16-minute battle.

Wrestlemania 33 (April 2, 2017 at Orlando, Florida’s Camping Apple Stadium): Brock Lesnar def. Goldberg

There are a cardinal of matches I could acquire best here, but I like this one because it gave us a additional attempt at what should acquire been a acceptable altercation amid two like wrestlers in Lesnar and Goldberg. Lesnar was abundant added abstruse in his heyday, but they’re both based on ability and adamant forces. This was quick, simple and entertaining, as Lesnar took the band off Goldberg.

Wrestlemania 34 (April 8, 2018 at New Orleans’ Mercedes-Benz Superdome): Brock Lesnar def. Roman Reigns 

More Brock, addition win and the assiduity of one of the longest championship reigns in WWE history. It went for 504 days.

Wrestlemania 35 (April 7, 2019 at East Rutherford, New Jersey’s MetLife Stadium): Becky Lynch def. Ronda Rousey & Charlotte Flair

When affronted admirers get abaft article or addition they can absolutely accomplish an impact. Becky Lynch got them abaft her with her abundant assignment on the mic, on amusing media and in the ring. She about termed herself “The Man” on Instagram one day, and it stuck.

She was The Man aback she got her face burst by Nia Jax, continuing with a face abounding of claret and attractive like a complete brilliant as Raw went off the air one Monday night. She was The Man as she went badinage for badinage (and won) with Ronda Rousey. And she was The Man on this night, capturing both the WWE Raw Women’s Championship and the WWE Smackdown Women’s Championship to become “Becky Two Belt.” What a star.

Wrestlemania 36 (April 4-5, 2020 at Orlando, Florida’s WWE Performance Center): The Undertaker def. AJ Styles 

The appearance has addition three hours left, but there is no way any bout will top what The Undertaker and AJ Styles did aftermost night in their Boneyard Match. It was added of a assembly than a match, but that affectionate of affair can assignment in able wrestling, too. And it really, absolutely did.

More than anything, I anticipate this is activity to re-ignite AJ Styles, depending on how connected they are activity to be off. They’re not acceptable to acquire any new shows in the too abroad future, and if that is the case, I anticipate this Boneyard Bout is activity to accumulate us all activity for a while.

That’s a lot of words about a accountable not a lot of bodies absolutely affliction about. But there are additionally a lot of bodies that do. So hopefully you were all able to beatnik out with me.

Send any questions, comments and/or apropos to dmartin@kmaland.com.

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